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Sunday, November 23, 2014

So I decided not to move (see my posts on Apartment Apps and my decision to move). I love my apartment, and my job provides me with metro benefits, so I should just stay put, and get up early to get to work early, lol. With this in mind though, I have decided to re-decorate. I've wanted to finish up decorating my apartment for awhile, but I couldn't really see the point if I was moving. Well since I'm not, then why not! I'm getting ideas on Pinterest, so here are my pins of the week, home decorating style!

chair ikea hack
I saw this hack and loved it! I have this chair, and since I want to incorporate gold and texture, why not! 

home decor hanging lights
I love hanging lights. They give such a nice touch. I am unsure if I am going to incorporate them into my apartment or my office, but either way, I like how the lights frame this bed area.

home decor glitter and gold
Glitter and Gold! Those are the two things I will be incorporating into my apartment. I love glitter and I like it everywhere though I will have to make sure not to add to much or else it will look tacky. I want a more gossamer feel. 

creative way to organize shoes
My closet is going to be the hardest part to re-decorating because I will need to organize it in a way that allows it to expand (since I already know I will be buying more clothes, lol). I plan on moving my heels out of my closet and showcasing them in something like this.

headboard ideas
A heaboard will really change my apartment for the better. I've never had one before. I need something cheap, but one that also works with my apartment. These two ideas are my favorite (see, lights again, lol).

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