Review: TIJN Eyewear

Friday, October 11, 2019

TIJN Eyewear

Earlier this year, I needed some new frames after I wore my Warby Parkers into the ground. While I enjoy buying new frames, the experience can be pretty frustrating. I like large, quirky, hipster frames that are too big for my face, and that is hard to find. Warby Parker is my go-to, but I recently started seeing a lot of ads for a company called TIJN Eyewear. I’m always reluctant to buy frames from an unknown company, especially one that is relatively new and bombarding my Facebook and Instagram with ads, but their frames were exactly what I was looking for. So with a little hope, I bought a pair of the Maaike frames, and…well…there’s a reason I stick to Warby Parker.

The Good

First thing’s first, TIJN has a lot of fashionable, hipster frames. This is, after all, why I gravitated towards the brand. They have a lot of fun, cool eyeglasses that I couldn’t find anywhere else, and for that, I was willing to take a leap and see if the hype was really worth it. I will also say, the lenses themselves came out fine. There were no scratches or blurred spots, and for prescription lenses, this is key. Unfortunately, this is where the good ended.

The Bad

The frames are cheap. The gold was flimsy. The pink plastic was hard and brittle. It just wasn’t really a frame I could expect to last long, and even worse, they were completely un-adjustable. This is what really made the glasses disappointing. A cheap frame is one thing, I can wear it on special occasions or when I’m just sitting in my apartment, but the glasses are completely unwearable when they continually slip off my face.

The Ugly

TIJN has a non-refundable policy for prescriptions and blue light blocking lenses, so I can’t get my money back. I knew this going in, but I decided to try, nonetheless. This isn’t exactly what is so ugly about the brand. It’s actually the customer service, or lack thereof. TIJN is more concerned with making a sale than keeping you as a lifelong customer. When I sent the email asking for a refund, I got an ill-formatted stock response that didn’t even acknowledge my name. And while this isn’t unique among similar companies that randomly pop-up on social media, compared to Warby Parker, it’s just more apparent than usual. I should’ve known this was the case when I noticed them ignoring other upset customers on their posts, but I was so enamored with the frames, that I ignored it. And yes, I will acknowledge this is my fault, but it doesn’t sting any less.

Wearing TIJN Eyeglasses

Final Verdict

I’ll be honest and say these glasses are good if you don’t have prescriptions and wear them solely for fashion. They’ve got a lot of unique frames and they’re relatively inexpensive. I actually recommended them to my brother who likes to collect glasses like I like to collect hair accessories. But for those who need to see and need their frames to be both fashionable and durable, skip them. You’re better off with more well-known brands, or at least a company that offers refunds.

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