About Me

FroBunni the Girl

My name is Kami, and I am a 20-something year old, living and loving life in DC. I am original from Syracuse, NY, so I am quite accustomed to nine month winters and going to school in 3 feet of snow. Having grown up in a household that stressed academics, I was an honor student in high school, went to college on an academic scholarship, and graduated a 2 year master’s degree program in 1 year with a 3.88 GPA…which pretty much meant that my interest were always on the back burner. Hence, the FroBunni was born. Started in the summer of 2013, the FroBunni is a lifestyle blog where I can talk about fitness, health, natural hair, beauty and fashion to my heart’s content. 

Health & Fitness
I have always been healthy; my mom always had fresh fruits and veggies on my plate, and my dad always had me in a sport. I have a Black Belt in Taekwondo, and have dabbled in many other sports including gymnastics, golf, basketball, lacrosse, and softball. I love Tabata and HIT workouts and have been doing yoga since I was 15 years old. I occasionally train friends and family and am known for my super intense, but effective 15 Minute Workout. 

Natural Hair
I went natural on July 15, 2009 by cutting off all of my relaxed hair to grow out my natural, God-given hair. Since then, I have learned how to take care of my hair while growing it to my waist. I love learning about new products and techniques, while also teaching other curly-haired women to take care of and love their hair.

Even though I just love Olivia Palmero, my style icon is Lauren Conrad (and yes, I do love The Hills and The City). Lady-like and classic, I find inspiration in lace skirts, peplum tops, and a D’orsay heel. I love tulle fabric and glittery dresses, and my favorite store is Lulu’s, where my style is fully exemplified. 

Outside of blogging, you can find me happily working my 9 to 5 (I actually do love my day job), making super gourmet foods for my 2 dogs, pinning on Pinterest, and exploring DC and visiting the museums.

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