Cacao Powder Foundation and Rice Flour Setting Powder
My face with the rice flour and cacoa powder mix

My face hates foundation and powder. It always feels hot and heavy on my face, and it actually makes my face itchy. After trying dozens of brands, I decided it would be more beneficial to find a more natural foundation. I first heard about rice flour in a book called Passport to Beauty, but never gave it any serious thought. It wasn't until I was at Ulta and saw Freeman's Strawberry and Chocolate Facial Clay Mask that I got the bright idea to use chocolate as a foundation and include the benefits of rice flour. But the thought of using random Hersey's kisses was a little odd and extreme, not to mention very processed and sticky. So I googled pure chocolate, discovered that chocolate is made from the cacao bean, and then found that many health food stores sell cacao powder.

My foundation mix consists of 1/2 rice flour and 1/2 cacao powder. I find that the rice powder is actually transparent on my skin and can be used alone. Adding the cacao powder gives a hint of color and blurs imperfections (doesn't get rid of them completely, but it does make my skin look even). Depending on your complexion, you may want to adjust the ratio - less cacao powder if you are lighter, and more cacao powder if you are darker.

There are many benefits to using rice flour and cacao powder on the skin. Unlike commercial makeup, you will find that it leaves your face healthier and healthier after each use.

Benefits of Rice Flour
- All day oil control
- Natural Sun Sunscreen
- Leaves skin softer
- Fades dark marks and scars
- Brightens skin
- Decreases size of pores
- Non-comedogenic

Benefits of Cacao Powder
- Treats and heals damaged skin
- Antioxidant
- Smells very yummy (although it is actually really bitter)
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