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Each circuit is 5 minutes with each exercise being 30 secs. The strength circuits are repeated twice, while the cardio circuits are repeated 5 times. Remember to warm-up and cool down.

30 Minute Circuit

Strength Circuit #1: Shoulders
Shoulder Press w/Squat
Front Raise
Lateral Raise w/backward lunge (alt. legs)
Bent Over Raise
Deadlift w/Upright Row

Cardio Circuit #1:
Hi Knees
Wide Leg Hi Knees

Strength Circuit #2: Chest
Walking Pushing Ups (move left, pushup, move right push up)
Dumbell Fly
In and out Push Ups (hands together, pushup, hands wide, push up)
Bench Press
Clap Push Ups (complete on knees if it’s too hard)

Cardio Circuit #2:
Ab Twist Hops
Jumping Jacks

Strength Circuit #3: Triceps
Curl w/forward lunge (alt. legs)
Tricep Dips
Hammer Curl w/side to side lunge
Tricep Press w/sumo squat
Close-Up Grip Bench Press

Cardio Circuit #3: 
180 degree Burpees
Plie Jumps

*Everyone, especially pregnant women, should consult a physician before beginning any fitness activity. Not all exercise plans are suitable for everyone. Please discontinue any exercise that causes you pain or severe discomfort and consult a medical expert. Any liability and/or damage in connection with the use of this workout, including but not limited to any liability loss or damage resulting in the performance of the exercise demonstrated or the advice and information given within this blog is expressly disclaimed.*
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  1. Just had a quick read through your blog. I love reading about lifestyle. Keep it up x

  2. Thanks Mudge, I really appreciate it!