Flexi Rod Set on Natural Hair

On Wednesday, I had the best hair day to date. Unfortunately, no one saw it since my attempt to take the metro to work ended up with me going back to my apartment an hour later (*sigh* oh Metro, why do you suck?). Anyway, as of late, I have been wearing my natural hair very stretched since it seems to be very happy in this state. Not only do I retain more length, but the nighttime and morning maintenance is no more than five minutes, and I am able to show my length. It really has made my life a bit easier, so I have no complaints about the change. 

To obtain this style, all I did was spritz my hair with a mix of water and Giovanni Direct Leave-In, seal with an oil mix (coconut, olive, castor), make about 16 two-strand twists, and set them with flexi-rods. In the morning, I just took the flexi rods out, untwisted my hair, separated each twist, and twirl the ends around my hair to encourage them to stay curled. I didn't really maintain the loose curls, but to keep my hair stretched, I spritz with my Giovanni/ water mix, made a low ponytail, twisted my hair tight to make a bun, and voila. I am ready for bed in less than 2 minutes. In the morning, I just take out the bun, and my hair is stretched to about 70% of its length (a bit longer than bra strap length, I am currently waist length).

Hopefully I will be able to recreate this style, but who knows. I am re-attempting the style tonight. Even if it isn't successful, I find that flexi-rods are great to stretch my hair and get a kinky straight look to it. 

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