Looking For DMV Area MMA Fighters

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I am going to do a series starting January about DC MMA Fighters. If you are or know someone who would be interested, email me at FroBunni@gmail.com. The interview questions are below! 

General Questions
Weight Class
Tell me a little bit about yourself?
What is your martial arts background? Have you ever competed in combat sports before? Why did you start training in MMA?
What's your fighting style (ground and pound, wrestling, striker)?
Where do you see yourself going in MMA (casual, fitness, fun, professional)?

Training Questions
When is your next fight?
How do you prepare for a fight (what is your diet? How do you train? How do you mentally prepare)?
Does cutting weight affect your strength and stamina the day of the fight?
Who has your toughest opponent been so far?
Why do you get in the ring as opposed to just training?

MMA/ DMV MMA Questions
How do you feel about MMA today? Do you think it is becoming more popular? Less popular? Too saturated?
Who is your favorite fighter in the major organizations (UFC, WSOF, Bellator, etc.) and why?
Do you have a favorite fighter from the DMV area?
Do you think the DMV area is underrepresented in the MMA Community? If yes, how are you trying to change this? And how can the DMV MMA community change this?

Bonus Question
If Bruce Lee or Muhammad Ali were in their prime and training in MMA, do you think they would be great or nothing special in the cage?

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