January Fitness and Health Challenge

in , , by FroBunni, Saturday, January 11, 2014
This year I am going to do a monthly Fitness/ Health Challenge. This month, in preparation for my half birthday, I have a few going on at one time.

100 Squats a Day - I switch up the squats - lunge squat, closed leg squats, wide leg squats, around the world squats. As long as I squat, it's all good.

100 Shimmy Twists a Day - see the vide below for how to. I've been doing belly dance for 10 years and I noticed that we I do it more regularly, it helps to create a very define waist. The shimmy twist is really great in helping to create that.

100 Reverse Crunches a Day - No matter how fit I get, my trouble area is my lower abs. Due to having Crohn's Disease, it pooches out, and I am hoping regularly doing reverse crunches will help with that a bit. I guess I will see. 
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