New Year's Goals

in , by FroBunni, Sunday, January 12, 2014

I call my New Years Resolution yearly goals. A resolution be definition means "an answer or solution to something." Well I don't live my life trying to solve problems, I live my life accomplishing goals. My goals have ranged the gambit from minuscule to extreme. From small life changes to complete directional changes in my life. I don't always complete each goal for the year, but I do make an effort to completing it eventually. And like every year, this year is no different. So here are New Years Goals.
  1. Re-connect with family and friends: Last year I made the effort to go and visit one of my good friends from college. I hadn't seen him for a good 4 years. I have really great friends and would like to keep them in my life forever, so I am making the effort to connect wth them more frequently, whether by phone or making the effort to visit. Just as well, there are members of my family that I do not see/talk to often. I would like to change that as well.
  2. Start making fitness videos on YouTube: This has been a goal for the last 3 years. I haven't done much to make this happen. I've had a lot of support in the last few months, so I really want to make this a reality. I've already taped one video.
  3. Find a job I love: I don't hate my current job, but I am not passionate about it. I want a job that doesn't feel like work and that really satisfy me. I want something that does more than just pay the bills. My dream job is something in the fitness/health/MMA industry. I started reaching out to people in those industries at the end of last year, and I would like this to be the year that I move into that profession.
  4. Be able to lift 10lbs dumb bells: It should be noted that I can lift 10lbs dumbells, but what I can't do is a workout that involves compound exercises. I can't do an alternating lunges with bicep curls. I can't do a squat with a shouder raise. I can't do tricep kickbacks, so on and so forth. I've started incorporating the 8lbs weight in my workouts, so hopefully by June, I will start working with the 10lbs weight.
  5. Come to terms with the fact that my dogs are old and everything that it entails: I love my dogs dearly, Sheppie is 13 and Diamond is 11. Both are showing signs of old age. Enough said.
Those are my goals, what are yours?
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