Hello!!! It's been awhile, but I have come back. Work has been quite overwhelming lately, but I was determined to get back to my beloved FroBunni. In an effort to have a ton of posts when I returned, I have been taking pictures and making collages of my natural hair regimen and hairstyles (among other things, more posts to come later ^_^). My favorite style is the foam roller set (also known as a sponge roller). I am obsessed with foam rollers; they're easy to use and get my hair straight without heat. I have different types of roller sets that have different benefits. But below are two of my most common.

For each roller set, start on damp (can be washed but not soaking wet) or stretched hair. I moisturize my hair with Giovanni Direct Leave-In and then seal with a mix of coconut and olive oil.

Ponytail Rollerset on Natural Hair
Purpose: Straightened Roots
sponge roller set on natural hair
1. Make 4-6 ponytails
2. Put 3-4 rollers on each ponytail section
(Optional 3. I did the top section without ponytails to add volume)
4. In the morning, take all of rollers out
5. Another view of removed rollers
6. Separate each section and voilĂ ! 

Two-Strand Twist Rollerset on Natural Hair
Purpose: Volume
sponge roller set on natural hair
1. I start on stretched hair
2. Two-strand twist 1/3-1/2 of the way down hair
3. Smooth hair and pull taut, put a roller on hair
4. Roll hair all the way to the roots
5. When the hair is dry, remove rollers
6. Separate each section and voilĂ !
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