A Sugar Fiend goes Pescatarian

in , by FroBunni, Thursday, June 19, 2014

Remember this post…well, yeah, I failed, lol. I went back to sugar quickly afterwards and honestly, I'm ok with it. I like sugar and it's a staple in my diet. But I'm not stupid, I realize that sugar is an evil, so I decided if I'm keeping sugar in my diet, I need to clean up the rest of my diet and get rid of other "evils." This means I'm going mostly pescatarian and dairy-free.

This means no more chicken (which I'm ok with, chicken really isn't my favorite meat) and almost no red meat. I can't give up red meat fully. I like a good bacon cheeseburger, but luckily for me, I don't need one every week. More like every 6 months or so. I also enjoy ham on Christmas and Easter a bit too much to say goodbye forever. And along with that eggnog is staying too. It's pretty much my beverage of choice during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. I'm giving up yogurt but cheese is staying in my diet as well. I won't consider removing it because polenta without cheese is a sin…so in short, I'm mostly pescatarian and dairy-free. I tried light coconut milk as a milk replacement in my coffee this morning, it was good. I could barely tell it wasn't milk. I can totally do this!
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