Cacao Powder Foundation Revisited

in , , by FroBunni, Sunday, June 29, 2014

Before and after: my skin looks a lot fresher, matter, and my blemishes are blurred

Remember this post; it's one of the more popular posts on my blog, which is great! But I realized something, I don't have a before or after to compare the results of my bare face vs. my face with cacao powder. I actually didn't intend to make a post like this, but this morning, I was taking selfies of my bare face, and just felt like it didn't look right. I had been slacking the past couple of weeks on using my Pineapple Enzyme Face Mask, as well as suffer from a few pimples, so I had a bit more acne scars than usual. Since I was going to brunch with my mom, I wanted to look a bit more fresh faced, so before we left, I put the cacao powder on my face, some mascara on my eyelashes, and snapped a few more pics. And voila, an unexpected FroBunni post!

Since I made the original post, some things have changed to my all natural foundation. For one, I got rid of the rice flour. It actually made the foundation clumpy after awhile, and was a bit grainy on my skin. The cacao powder blends right in evening out my skin, and except for the faint smell of chocolate (which I am ok with), I can't feel anything on my face.

I've also learned more about the benefits of cacao powder: antioxidant, physical sunscreen (provides a physical barrier that blocks UVA and UVB rays), helps prevent acne breakouts, and mattifies skin. All in all, this a keeper in my beauty regimen. I just loved it then and I still love it now!
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  1. Can you please post the link/brand for the cacao powder and new rice powder you use??

    1. I use this Navitas Natural brand. I got it from Amazon -

  2. Go Bunmi, I thought I was a DIY Queen, I just found my oga at the top..