Pomegranate-Apple Cocktail

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1/2 cup pomegranate juice
1/2 cup apple champagne
1 oz of grenadine 

Ah, Autumn. My favorite season. I have no prospects yet, but I know that when I get married, I want it to be some time in late autumn or early winter. And what's an autumn wedding without seasonal flavors like apple and pomegranate. I make this drink each year during this time, and honestly, it is the perfect wedding drink. Romantic, sweet, bubbly, and easy on the waistline too. It's one of my favorite drinks, and I know it will be one of yours too.

Need more wedding ideas? Check out Lover.ly and go to their Planning page to find more ways to plan your perfect wedding!

5 Fun and Intense Yoga Sequences from PopSugar

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It's a fact. I am obsessed with Pinterest. And even better PopSugar makes these easily pin-able, full body workouts. Lately, my workouts have been low-intensity. I am going through a bit of a transition in my life, and the high intensity, breath taking workouts have gone to the wayside. Instead, I have been replacing them with relaxing, calming, but still intense yoga, pilates, and dance workouts.

These are some of my favorite yoga sequences that I've been doing lately (all courtesy of FitSugar). I know someone people think yoga is easy, but it can actually be very difficult. These challenging workouts will tone your arms, flatten your abs, and lift your booty giving your body a full workout. Even better (especially for someone whose life is hectic and stressful), it calms the mind, reduces stresses, and just gives you a zen-ful day.
Source: www.PopSugar.com | Yoga Sequence to Build Your Best Bikini Body

Source: www.PopSugar.com | Yoga Poses for a Strong Upper Body

Source: www.PopSugar.com | Later, Love Handles 13 Minute Yoga Sequence

Source: www.PopSugar.com | Ultimate Burning-Thighs Yoga Sequence

Source: www.PopSugar.com | Flat-Belly Yoga Sequence

Like most naturals, my ends can be a little difficult to manage. Extra moisture, gentle detangling, and clipping the most damaged ends still leaves them frizzy and dry. The easiest way to combat this is with a simple contour clip. I originally saw this method on Urban Bush Babes, but it always hurt my fingernails to open the bobby pin. Plus, since I tend to do braid outs on no more than 8 sections, sometimes the pins wouldn't be able to hold onto the hair as well as I liked. One day, I decided to try it with contour clips because it looked like it would be easier on my fingers and able to hold more hair. Lo and behold, it worked perfectly.

You can use bobby pins or contour clips, it just depends on what you like, but try this method, your ends will be really happy you did!

Natural Hair Accessories: Fun with Scarves!

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natural hair scarf accessories

I am really bad with incorporating rings, necklaces, and bracelets into my wardrobe (I should make a Pinterest board to give me ideas on how to do this), but one of the things I absolutely love is scarves. I wear them around my neck and drape them around my shoulders to keep warm. But I love wearing them as headbands. I have over 15 scarves for a variety of situations and moods. The ones pictured above are some of my favorites! You can buy scarves from many clothing and departments stores, but  skip the winter ones (the thick wool can suck moisture out of your hair). Instead go for light, airy cotton (still not the best, but better than wool) or polyester. I got most of these scarves from Agaci, and a few others from Forever21 and American Eagle.

So? Are you buying? I take bitcoins, scrabble tiles, and even kids…just kidding. I posted this humorous gem in a natural hair group on Facebook. As a regular member in the group, I was able to post this and most other members found the humor in it as well. Between the memes and my many different and unique forms of payment, a quick glance at the comment section would indicate that I had in no way, shape, or form traveled to Mt. Everest to collect flowers and sell them back in the US. And even before looking at the comments, the smug smily face at the end should've been enough of an indictor that this post was based in farce.

Even so, I was bombarded with claims that I was a terrible person for scamming people, my hair was fake and I was wearing weave in the second picture, and even that the second picture wasn't me. I found the claims funny at best because oddly enough, I get similar claims about the length of my hair in person, and if I don't make an effort to prove to a stranger I met at CVS that my hair is real, then I could careless about a stranger behind a computer. Eventually the post, like many in Facebook groups was pushed to the bottom of the page, and I completely forgot about it. 

Last night while watching TV, I checked Facebook and noticed that someone tagged my name in a post. I'm often tagged in posts getting requests for hair information or just being tagged in something funny, so I thought nothing of it and checked it out. Low and behold, my Mt. Everest post was found in a different group, but unlike the comments from members in my group, this person thought I was legitimately trying to sell flowers and scam people. In the grand scheme of things, I had other more important things to worry about that affected my life, so it didn't really bother me that it happened (truth be told, I figured it may, not everyone can pick up on sarcasm, especially my sarcasm), and considering it's social media, stuff like this happens many times a day. What was most odd about the situation was that this person had actually tried to send me a friend request, so I wasn't sure of her true intentions (the request was denied by the way). After a few hours, I was able to settle the matter, the post was deleted, and I managed to find out that my post was posted in a few other groups. I will be looking for them, but like I said earlier, I have other things that I need to focus on, so I can't be too pressed to go all out.

What always gets me about this though is people, when they are called out on re-posting photos with misinformation, are very flippant with responses such as "well people should expect this" or "everyone does it." That maybe true, but it doesn't come without consequences. If a person posts a photo of someone without their permission, it is illegal, though most of the time not much will happen. But while most people don't have the means to find an anonymous person online and go through the legal system to press charges, you never know who does and who doesn't. And when you are using your own name and photo, such as on Facebook, the need to uncover the anonymous poster, which is really the most difficulty part, is no longer necessary. It is something people need to be aware of and also not use the logic that "everyone does it" as as safety blanket (think about it this way, how many people are still given a speeding ticket when they tell the police officer "but everyone does it"). Also, while I am pretty nonchalant about the matter, I've noticed that many people are quick to post a picture of someone else, but feel attacked when someone does it to them. 

After everything was all said and done, I went on to blogger and made another post. I mean, why shouldn't I? I guess I could make this a learning experience or something similar, but honestly, I won't do that. So long as I continue to post photos online, they can be taken, whether that be with good intention or not. This isn't the first time a photo of mine has been re-posted with inaccurate information. Awhile back, I posted a photo of a flexi rod set that turned out great in a different Facebook group. Someone within the group re-posted my photo along with saying that I had a relaxer. I know she didn't do it intentionally, nor with ill-intent, but the fact that it still happened, especially to a photo that I wanted to share to encourage others, is evidence that no matter what I post, its original intent can be lost. Even though this is a risk, I will continue to post. Why? Because I post with the hope that they will inspire others. I post so that black women know that their hair can grow long. I post to let people know that they don't need a gym membership to be fit. I post so that little black girls know that their natural hair is beautiful. I post to show people that healthy, delicious meals can be made at home. There's a lot of reasons why I post photos and the benefits will always outweigh the risks. 

Style Obsession | High Waisted Shorts

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This summer I have been obsessed with High Waisted Shorts. I don't know when it happened or why (short height, short torso, not a good luck), but I think they're so cute. Check out some of these high-waisted short outfits!

Source: www.Pinterest.com

Source: www.Pinterest.com

Source: www.Pinterest.com

Source: www.Pinterest.com

Source: www.Pinterest.com

*All photos are from pinterest. 
** See a picture that's yours? Just send me an email and I can take it down, no questions asked.

I'm Back to Pilates

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Pilates Body in Motion
Pilates Sequence found in Pilates Body in Motion

I have had a lot happen in the last few days, and honestly, doing a HIT workout is the last thing on my mind. I still want to work out though, just not as intense. Enter, pilates! I love pilates; I started doing it a couple of years after I started yoga (I think I was in college, but I don't fully remember). What I love about pilates is that, unlike other low impact workouts, I can see results fast, and those results are always amazing. Toned legs, flat abs, and a perky butt, what more is there to love.

In pilates, you do the workout each time with the same exercises in the same order. Each exercise builds upon the previous one. I would recommend if you are interested in starting pilates, go to a class first to get aquatinted with the movements. When you're comfortable, you can move on to home workouts. 

Personally, I think pilates workouts are perfect for the morning. You don't build up as much of a sweat, but it gentle stretches and moves you in preparation for the day. 

Natural Hairstyles and Back to Blogging

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Once again, posting has fallen off on the wayside. Darn! I have to stop doing that. Well, since I am always documenting my natural hairstyles, here are some of my favorite styles that I've done this past month. As a note, I moisturized with Giovanni direct leave-in and sealed with a mix of coconut, olive, and castor oil for every style.

I made 12 two strand twists and set each one on a flexi rod
natural hair flexi rod set on two strand twists

I stretched my hair by low bunning the night before, and made a high bun in the morning
natural hair top knot

I started two strand twisting a small section of hair. Midway through, I stopped twisting and put a cloth roller on the section of hair. I made a total of 20 twists. In the morning, I separated each twist/curl into 2 sections
natural hair cloth roller set

 Braid out with 4 braids. The 2 in the back were big and then the top 2 were small
natural hair braid out

Top knot with one of my scarves used as an headband
natural hair top knot

 Braid out with 4 equally sized braids
natural hair braid out

Twist out with 16 twists and my roots clipped to keep them straight
natural hair twist out

Braid out with 6 braids. 2 small braids in the front, 4 equally sized braids in the middle and back
natural hair braid out

 Wash and go using guar gum gel
natural hair wash and go