5 Fun and Intense Yoga Sequences from PopSugar

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It's a fact. I am obsessed with Pinterest. And even better PopSugar makes these easily pin-able, full body workouts. Lately, my workouts have been low-intensity. I am going through a bit of a transition in my life, and the high intensity, breath taking workouts have gone to the wayside. Instead, I have been replacing them with relaxing, calming, but still intense yoga, pilates, and dance workouts.

These are some of my favorite yoga sequences that I've been doing lately (all courtesy of FitSugar). I know someone people think yoga is easy, but it can actually be very difficult. These challenging workouts will tone your arms, flatten your abs, and lift your booty giving your body a full workout. Even better (especially for someone whose life is hectic and stressful), it calms the mind, reduces stresses, and just gives you a zen-ful day.
Source: www.PopSugar.com | Yoga Sequence to Build Your Best Bikini Body

Source: www.PopSugar.com | Yoga Poses for a Strong Upper Body

Source: www.PopSugar.com | Later, Love Handles 13 Minute Yoga Sequence

Source: www.PopSugar.com | Ultimate Burning-Thighs Yoga Sequence

Source: www.PopSugar.com | Flat-Belly Yoga Sequence
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