Natural Hairstyles and Back to Blogging

in , by FroBunni, Saturday, September 06, 2014
Once again, posting has fallen off on the wayside. Darn! I have to stop doing that. Well, since I am always documenting my natural hairstyles, here are some of my favorite styles that I've done this past month. As a note, I moisturized with Giovanni direct leave-in and sealed with a mix of coconut, olive, and castor oil for every style.

I made 12 two strand twists and set each one on a flexi rod
natural hair flexi rod set on two strand twists

I stretched my hair by low bunning the night before, and made a high bun in the morning
natural hair top knot

I started two strand twisting a small section of hair. Midway through, I stopped twisting and put a cloth roller on the section of hair. I made a total of 20 twists. In the morning, I separated each twist/curl into 2 sections
natural hair cloth roller set

 Braid out with 4 braids. The 2 in the back were big and then the top 2 were small
natural hair braid out

Top knot with one of my scarves used as an headband
natural hair top knot

 Braid out with 4 equally sized braids
natural hair braid out

Twist out with 16 twists and my roots clipped to keep them straight
natural hair twist out

Braid out with 6 braids. 2 small braids in the front, 4 equally sized braids in the middle and back
natural hair braid out

 Wash and go using guar gum gel
natural hair wash and go
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  1. Love all your hairstyles! I've been wearing some marleyish twists for several weeks now....I'm starting to miss my hair again!

  2. Awesome styles! I saw one you did using sponge rollers on Pinterst and your hair had a lot of definition. I guess I've underestimated the powers of the sponge rollers, lol. I love the flexi rod look but sleeping will be a challenge so I may just try the sponge rollers. Thanks for sharing! I've started to blog (sort of)
    Any tips?

  3. Hey Emilie! Whenever I use flexi rods or any other type of roller, I use an airplane pillow to sleep on. It's a lot more comfortable than sleeping on a regular pillow because it lifts your head slightly.

    And the hardest part about blogging is being consistent lol. I have a lot of hiatus and I have to remember that posting something, whether big or small is better than nothing. Hope it helps!

  4. Thanks so much!!! Yes it was very helpful. You're right I guess consistency is key when blogging. Do you have any you tube videos?

  5. Emile, I do not have a youtube. But I'm always thinking about starting one