Frobunni | Working out with your dog
Me and Sheppie taking a selfie. She really doesn't look that old
Today is Sheppie's (my German Shepherd-Chow mix) 14th birthday! Happy Birthday Sheppie, and in honor of this special occasion, I am dedicating this fitness post to her. So here it is, 4 ways to exercise with your dog!

Running with dog
This is the most obvious one; running gives both you and your canine friend a chance to burn calories and get outside. But don't forget to let your dog sniff around and use the bathroom. 

Tug of War
Sheppie used to love playing tug of war. Now that she is older, she doesn't play it as much because of the stress on her joints, but every so often, she gets these small bursts of energy, and we will play for a couple of minutes. This is a great game to play with your dog, but make sure you aren't too rough. You don't want to pull out any teeth.

Play with Friends
DC is full of dog parks, and if you live in a super pet area friendly area, take advantage of this. Your dog gets to run around and make friends, while you get pull out her puppy pictures and show them to her new poochy pals.

Frobunni | Working out with your dog
Typical Basset Hound lazing about
While it is Sheppie's birthday, I can't forget about my favorite little Basset Hound-Pointer mix, Diamond. While not as smart and fast as her sister, being a Basset Hound, Diamond likes to sniff around the yard and find stuff. So, if your dog is a scent hound or loves to track, hide some goodies around the yard, and walk around and help her find them!
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