My 6 Favorite Workout DVDs

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Even though I love making my own workouts (Running HIIT Workout, The Best Shortest Workout, Workout of the Week), I still love using my workout DVDs. I have over 50 workout DVDs, that's more than I do movies and TV series combined (I know, it's crazy). Even though I use all of them, there are six that are my all time favorites! 

Personal Training with Jackie: Power Circuit Training
This is a great weight training DVD! I love it because you get 3 different workouts - 15 minute ab workout, 15 minute legs workout, 15 minute arms/ back workout. There's a 15 minute full body workout that includes abs, legs, and arms/ back, plus a 40 minute full body workout that includes all 3 circuits. So that's 5 workouts in total. The 15 minute fully body workout makes a great short workout in the morning during the work week. Plus, the 15 minute arms/ back workout is great for days when I only want to focus on my arms. 

ZCUT Power Cardio Series 3 DVD Set
This DVD got me into HIT workouts. You have 12 workouts, no more than 15 minutes long (most are between 10-12 minutes), and you will sweat and be completely exhausted when you finish. These are amazing cardio workouts and doing at least one a day, even if it's the only workout you do, will definitely help you lose weight. That's how intense they are!

10 Minute Solution: Butt Lift DVD
I've had this DVD for over a year and let me tell you, that HIIT Butt Lift workout is still one of the most intense workouts I've ever done, and I do it at least every other week, if not once a week. There are 6 workouts total on this DVD, five butt workouts and one ab workout. Each workout has very unique moves that tone, lift, and sculpt the butt (and abs for the ab workout) and all are only 10 minutes. You can also mix and match to create your own customized workout. 

Namaste Yoga: The Complete First Season DVD
I. Love. This. DVD. I recommend Namaste Yoga to everyone. I first saw it on TV and everything was perfect. The yoga practice, the scenery, the direction. It really is one of the most perfect yoga DVDs. It is a bit pricy, but it is worth it! And each yoga sequence is 25 minutes.

Yoga for Weight Loss DVD
What I love about this DVD is that you get 3 DVDs, with over 30 workouts, for only $20. Plus, you get very specialized workouts - strength, flexibility, legs, abs. And there are full yoga sequences (between 40-70 minutes). I do these workouts on my rest days and it really does help keep my stress down while still giving me an intense full body workout.

30 Day Shred DVD
I have over 10 Jillian Micahels DVDs and I keep coming back to this one. You get three workouts, each focusing on strength training, cardio, and abs, all in under 25 minutes. So if I am low on time, and can only do one workout for the day, this one is it!
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