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in , by FroBunni, Thursday, November 13, 2014
thredup review
I love the J.Crew pants so much I decided to wear them today to work. Seriously, I look so professional! ThredUp is great for buying career clothes for women!

It's a very well known fact that I love fashion, clothes, and shopping. My closet is literally busting from the seams because I have no more room for clothes (I'm trying to cut down or give away what I'm not's not working, lol). I've never really gone thrift shopping before, but I was watching the TheChicNatural on Youtube, and she did a review on ThredUp, an online thrift shopping website selling gently used clothes and accessories. I didn't think much about it until I got a new job (oh yeah, I got a new job). I wanted to look more professional than at my previous job, but also wanted to start buying more quality career clothes. I remembered ThredUp and decided to see what they had. 

To my surprise they had a lot of luxury designer items for literally 80-90% off. What does this mean for me? Well, it means I can fill my closet with a bunch of BCBGMAXAZRIA (one of my favorite designers) and not go broke in the process. I put over 20 items in my cart...and then deleted most of them, lol. I decided to keep my order small just in case my experience was negative. I bought 5 business pants - 4 pairs of BCBGMAXAZRIA pants and 1 pair of J.Crew pants. Everything only cost me $100, when it would've cost me almost $1000 if I bought it new and at retail price. I was really excited for my clothes to come...until I got an email and was notified that my order would take 10 days to arrive (this is much, much longer than other places I've ordered from). While this was frustrating, it honestly was the only downside. 

When I finally got my clothes, I immediately opened up the package and fell in love. The J.Crew and two of the BCBGMAXAZRIA were perfect. The other two BCBGMAXAZRIA pants wore like high water pants (which I hate), so I will return them (Note: some things can’t be returned, so take note when you order). I will definitely order from this company again, especially for more business clothes.

thredup review
This is the box the clothes came in. I liked that it was colorful!

thredup review
Everything is nicely packed and folded. 

thredup review
The ThredUp label was placed on each item. These are the J.Crew pants!

thredup review
Some items still have the original tags!
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