Two New Hair Care Products: Herbal Essence Naked Cleansing Conditioner and Jane Carter Solution Wrap and Roll
Jane Carter Solution Wrap and Roll and Herbal Essence Naked Cleansing Conditioner

I don't want to do a review for these just yet, since I want to give them more than one test to see if my hair really likes it, but last week, I bought Herbal Essence Naked Cleansing Conditioner, and yesterday, I bought Jane Carter Solution Wrap and Roll.

When I was relaxed, and even into when I was natural, I loved Herbal Essence products. I had switched over to more natural products, and eventually fell in love with Giovanni, so I just stopped using them. I was aware of their Naked line, but since I had my staples, I never tried the shampoo or conditioner. But, since I am in the middle of trying to figure out the right cleansing method for my hair, I decided to buy the cleansing conditioner when I was in Target. I used it last week, and I noticed it left a tad bit of buildup on my scalp. I washed with it again this week, and didn't notice any buildup. The Cleansing Conditioner left my hair super soft and tangles just melted away, plus my hair felt both clean and moisturized. My curls were also super defined (and shampoo really does just ravage my curls, so I don't think I'm going to stick with it). I'm excited to see if this cleansing conditioner will really work for me in the long haul.

I've seen the Jane Carter Solution Wrap and Roll for the past 2 years and always wanted to try it. It has all natural ingredients and doesn't have PVP and copolymer. I was in a natural hair group on Facebook last night and Chigirlmakeup posted one of her videos. I had the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her perm rod sets. She uses setting lotion and little bit of gel to get her hair to stay curly for long periods of time, so I thought "what the heck," went out to Ulta and picked up the setting lotion. I've used setting lotion in the past, but never had some of my own (I used my mom's). It has a floral scent but it wasn't too overpowering (and hopefully I won't smell it when I take these sponge rollers out). I am hoping the setting lotion will allow me to keep my style for over a day or two (really hoping for a week because this hairstyle is very labor intensive, lol).

Hopefully these hair products will work for me!
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