I see this question a lot in natural hair groups, "What protective styles can I do that don't require weave or wigs?" That question actually has a really easy answer, it really depends on how creative you are. So if you're looking for protective hairstyles on natural hair, here is a post for you!

Of course, I used Pinterest for the photos, but if you are still look for protective hairstyles, just type these in Pinterest and see what you can find!

  1. Goddess Braids 
  2. Bun
  3. Two Strand Twists
  4. French Roll
  5. Milkmaid Braids
  6. Flat Twist
  7. French Braid
  8. Updo
  9. Headwrap


natural hair bun

natural hair bun

natural hair bun

twisted hair bun

Two Strand Twists

twisted hair bun

two strand twist hairstyle

goddess braids

curly hair updo
natural hair updo

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  1. I love this post. I am going to try the 3rd style. So elegant!