Liquid Amino Acids Results on Natural Hair

in , by FroBunni, Sunday, March 15, 2015
frobunni waist length hair liquid amino acids
My blowout after using the liquid amino acids

I've read a lot about liquid amino acids (this is the Bragg's brand). Even before I was natural, I saw them in home beauty recipes for repairing damaged hair, nails, and even skin. After I went natural, I had saw it being totted as a more natural Brazilian Keratin Treatment, and in natural hair treatments such as the Cherry Lola method, and more recently, the Max Hydration Method (MHM) I have always wanted to try liquid amino acids, but never did until now.

I took a short trek to Whole Foods where it was nestled nicely in the foreign cuisine aisle, next to the soy sauce (liquid amino acids are a gluten-free soy sauce alternative, it does in fact taste and smell like soy). I wasn't really sure what I was going to do with it (neither the Brazilian Keratin, Cherry Lola, or MHM are appealing to me), but I figured it would either find a place in my natural hair regimen, or be placed in my kitchen.

When I got home that night, I wasn't really in a creative mood, so I mixed the amino acids and water in a spray bottle, and sprayed it on my ends (I also moisturized and sealed with Giovanni direct leave-in and some oil, respectively). I didn't really notice anything that night, so I bunned my hair and went to sleep. In the morning, my ends felt really smooth. I still didn't want to put too much emphasis on it given that I've been through a roller coaster ride with my wash days (remember my baking soda and cowash successes).

The next day, I washed and conditioned my hair, sprayed the amino acids on my ends and around my edges, and then rinsed everything out after 5 minutes. Again, my ends were unusually soft and felt strong. They also were not as rough.

On Friday, I decided to preserve my hair and hold off wash day (I do this often in the winter because I always wear a hat when I go out and my scalp doesn't get dirty as quickly), and do a blowout. I did my usual - from the Giovanni 2 Chic Ultra-Sleek line, I applied the Leave-In Conditioner and Styling Elixir and the Ultra-Sleek Hair & Body Super Potion - then I sprayed my ends with the liquid amino acids before blow drying on medium heat. After I finished, my ends felt very smooth (see picture above). But what amazed me is that, not only did my ends feel smooth, they stayed smooth into Saturday and even Sunday.

liquid amino acids before and after
To the left is my blowout from BHI. To the right is my hair after the liquid amino acids

Now, while I am very happy with the results, I will hold off on any long term reviews since it's only been a week. But, it looks good so far. Oh, and before I go, check this picture out. This picture was featured on Black Hair Information about six months ago, and I got some comments on my ends, specifically that they need a trim. Well, here's a side by side of my ends then and now. As you can see, they are a lot smoother, and I haven't really done any chopping (outside of my normal dusting). It's like night and day, so apparently, there are some benefits. I just don't want to get ahead of myself.
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  1. wow! your hair is amazing!!!

  2. Thanks for the information. Loving your hair. I did the big chop about a year ago and you are my inspiration. I cant wait to get big hair!!!! How long have you been natural?

  3. Your hair would look amazing with the maximum hydration method! A full head of your natural coils revealed!

  4. Can soy sauce be used as an alternative to amino acids? Thank you.

  5. Soy sauce is made by roasting the soy bean which kills all the nutrients.

    Bragg's liquid amino's are made by treating soybeans with hydrochloric acid to create free amino acids, then neutralizing the remaining acid with sodium bicarbonate, which creates sodium chloride—and the salty taste.

    The amino acids are what help the hair. You could use this or Coconut aminos.