Another Foam Rollerset

in , by FroBunni, Wednesday, April 29, 2015
Foam Rollerset on Natural hair
I've got a million and one foam roller set ideas, and this is the first I did on freshly washed hair...and I won't do it again, lol. It just takes my natural hair forever to dry on wash day (sometimes, it's not even dry with curlformers).

This was pretty simple in terms of steps; I washed and conditioned my hair like normal, applied Giovanni direct leave-in, sealed with my oil mix, applied Jane Carter Wrap and Roll, and finished with some aloe vera gel. Then I put a roller on that section of hair. I used a total of 50 rollers. They were pretty easy to sleep in. On the second morning, I took them out and applied some olive oil to my hands and removed each roller, and separated the curls. It last for 2 days, and on the third day I put it in a bun. 
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