Dear FroBunni: How do you workout and keep your hair straight?
My stretched, no-heat, straight natural hair. I like to wear it in a low bun to keep it stretched and straight while I workout.

Dear FroBunni, I see that you wear your hair straight, and since you also workout, how do you keep your roots from reverting?

The key to preventing my roots from reverting is stretching them while I workout. Normally, I wear my hair in a low bun, but if my hair is curly (like from a rod set), I will put it in a high ponytail to keep it off my neck, while preserving the curls. I don't sweat that much in my scalp, so by the time I have finished showering my roots are dry. Depending on the intensity of my workout, I also like to wear a large headband covering my forehead. This helps to absorb sweat keeping it from getting to my scalp and hair. I bought a large, cotton headband from target, but there are a few workout-based microfiber headbands on the market.

If I am exercising outside, I like to wear a hat as well. This way, if I have to get on the ground and do crunches or get caught in the rain, it helps to keep my hair clean and won't ruin my hairstyle.
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