How I Use Curlformers on my Natural Hair

in , by FroBunni, Wednesday, April 15, 2015
The Extra Long and Extra Wide Styling Kit

I bought my first set of curlformers in 2011, the long barrel curl set to be exact. My first attempt at using them was horrible. I didn't really understand that my hair couldn't be soaking wet with product, so they didn't dry by the time I woke up in the morning. I tried using them again a year later (yup, it took me that long to revisit them, lol), and that experience was a lot better.

Curlformers stretch natural hair removing the kinks and curls with no heat (so long as you air dry). The first and second try will be a bit frustrating, but you will get the hang of it, which makes the install faster and easier. And, I will be honest, they aren't that easy to sleep in, but I've found that sleeping on an airplane pillow makes it a lot easier. It still isn't the best night sleep, but it's more tolerable.

I don't use curlformers as a style as much as I do to prep for a style. They're also great at stretching the roots. At night, I will do my wash routine, detangle each section, and install the curlformers. In the morning, I take the curlformers out, and two strand twist my hair. Two strand twisting has multiple purposes. First, if my hair is damp, two strand twisting will prevent my hair from reverting. Second, it helps to stretch my hair just a little bit more, and lastly, it removes the curl from my hair (remember, I use them to prep for a style, not as a style).

How I Use Curlformers for natural hair
The before and after of my curlformer install. Notice how stretched my hair is on the right side. You can see the perm rods in the left picture, I will be getting another curlformer kit soon, lol.

Whenever I am ready, I remove the two strand twists (sometimes I wear them the entire week as a protective style), and I style my hair as I see fit. My hairstyles are always great when I stretch first with curlformers.
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  1. I heard so many good things about curlformers...but are they worth it? I would love to try them out for prepping and styling my hair. How many do you use? Nice review!