Sock Bun (or Donut Bun) Hairstyles

in , by FroBunni, Wednesday, April 01, 2015
Lately, I've been obsessed with the sock bun (or donut bun, you can purchase one on Amazon). I've had my donut for a few years now, and I rarely use it even though I love big top knot buns. But this past week, I've been using it whenever I can because they always make my hair look glamorous even when I don't feel glamorous. 

This morning, I did a super quick upward braid into my sock bun. They work great for curly and natural hair. 
natural hair sock bun

The classic sock bun hairstyle. They make short hair look long and voluminous!
donut bun

I love this! Even if she isn't using a sock bun, you can use 2 or more at a time to create an elegant, fun updo.
natural hair sock bun

An easy, braided low sock bun.
sock bun hairstyle

They have super large sock buns too for those days when the sky is the limit!
natural hair sock bun hairstyle

*All photos found on Pinterest, except for mine of course.
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  1. Love this simple bun! To be honest, bun is my favourite hairstyle. I`ve seen many beautiful quick& easy bun hairstyles for everyday for long hair here .