June Workout Schedule

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June Workout Schedule
For the last two months, I've been obsessed with Google calendar. It's easy for me to schedule all of my posts, know which posts I have posted on Twitter and Facebook, and I can organize my life just a bit more. So of course, I have my workout schedule all laid out. I have been pretty slackish in the fitness department lately, but I've been slowly getting back on track. This schedule makes it a lot easier for me to remember what I have planned though, and it is already taped on my wall. 

All of the orange is cardio, I'm not really going overboard on it, which I'm fine with, but since the weather is nice, I want to get my weekly run in again. Green is pilates, and lately I've been doing a lot of pilates. Purple is ballet, but I should add that I may interchange it with belly dance. Even though both ballet and pilates are technically body weight based exercises, I have included actual weight training on Thursdays. Those will probably be something like a Jari Love or Jillian Michaels DVD. And finally, daily yoga because you can never have enough zen in your life.

So there it, my (and yours if you want) workout schedule for June. Be on the lookout for a food based, coming soon!
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  1. What is the 10 minute jump? Do you have a post describing this workout?

    1. It's suppsoed to 10 minute jump rope, but unfortunatley, it was cut off. For both the jump rope and tabata workouts, I generally create a small workout before starting so it always changes.