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in , by FroBunni, Saturday, May 16, 2015
FroBunni | MissGuided Review

A few months back, I attempted to buy some dresses from MissGuided, a UK clothing company. I was really impressed with the style of their clothes - very edgy and sexy, with a touch of class. So I bought this gorgeous dress, had some billing issues due to the different UK fraud protection laws compared to the US (they wanted a picture of my photo ID and a bill)...eventually I got the dress, but was so exhausted with the process that I couldn't write a review at the time.

Fast forward to now, and I saw some adorable dresses last week, purchased them and used a 20% off coupon (they always have deals), and got my dresses in a couple of days. The process was easier, faster, and no billing issues. And honestly, the dresses would've been worth the hassle if it did happen.

First of all, the quality is wonderful. The dresses were a little more expensive than what I normally go for, but it was worth the money. The red dress is just perfection in fabric. It's a skater dress that is a little sheer on top, but with a tank top, you can wear it to work. A petticoat is sewn in the dress making it feel very flirty. The white dress is also amazing, perfect for a date night. I tried the dress on with a pair of brown sandals, and I was literally ready to go out right then. I plan to definitely buy from this company again...actually, I am ready to buy another dress right now! That is how amazing those dresses are.

So, I would totally recommend the company (I shared the pictures on Facebook
already and got a ton of inquires). You may run into that billing issues, but honestly, the dresses are really worth it!
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