NYX Lipstick Swatched on Dark Skin

in , , by FroBunni, Friday, May 15, 2015
NYX Lipstick Swatched on Dark Skin
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Lip Matte Cream: Prague,  Copenhagen,  Addis Ababa,  Monte Carlo
Matte Lipstick: Perfect Red, Angel, Aria, Merlot 
Simply: Red Russian Roulette, Red Leading Lady, Nude Sable, Vamp She Devil, Vamp Aphrodisiac Lipstick: Snow White 
High Voltage: Dirty Talk
Jumbo Lip Pencil: Plush Red

I have an obsession with NYX Lipsticks. They have an awesome selection of hues ranging from red, pink, brown, and plum. And pretty inexpensive and they're very easy to find (although I've found that some stores *cough Ulta cough* are always sold out of certain colors).

Yesterday, I took all of my NYX lipsticks and did a swatch test on my arm. Most (except for one or two) look great on my dark skin. 
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