caesar salad with salmon
Caesar Salad with Salmon

I bought a bunch of bikinis (by a bunch, I mean 2) last week, plus I have plans to go to the beach in July, so my diet is going to be pretty healthy for the month of June. And of course, by healthy, I mean "normal" healthy (you've already been through my no-sugar diet and pescetarian diet...I already know those won't last for long, lol). So I am keeping it simple with healthy foods I love, getting lots of fruits and veggies, and balancing out each meal with some carbs, protein, and fat. Hopefully, this coupled with my June workout plan can really tone me up in time for my vacation!


Breakfast: Egg breakfast sandwich w/mixed fruit and coffee
Lunch: Carbonara
Snack: Yogurt w/citrus (orange or grapefruit) and granola
Dinner: Caesar salad w/salmon
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