To Hip Length or Bust

in , by FroBunni, Tuesday, June 09, 2015
To Hip Length or Bust | FroBunni

Last week, I officially decided to get serious about growing my natural hair to hip length, even if that meant that I would torture myself and wear protective styles 5 days out of the week. Last Tuesday, I trimmed my hair, washed, conditioned, and put my hair in about 80 two-strand twists...then put it up in a bun for 7 days.

It's been difficult to say the least. I don't know if it's because I'm a leo or just love wearing my hair out, but wearing my hair in twists, knowing that this will be how I plan to wear my hair most of the time (or at least until I get to hip length), has been difficult to say the least. My twists don't last that long, even with gel. They start to look really frizzy; to prevent this, I may make fewer twists so that I can redo them.

I will be taking this seriously til the end of the summer, but I am hoping to gain at least two inches by September. I am allowing myself to wear roller set or flexi rod sets, but I can't redo them more than every 3 days, so this will require setting lotion and gel to attain this.

I am pretty excited to see if I will gain any length, and this will force me to be creative. My starting stats are below, this was after I trimmed. So wish me luck, I will need to stick to this, lol.

Back - 20 inches
Middle - 21 inches
Front - 17 inches
(L) Side - 18 inches
(R) Side 18 inches
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  1. Hi, so i just want to know, what do you do to retain length? do you do long term protective styles with extensions such as ghanian twists or box braids?

    1. Hi Tracey. I generally do two strand twists with my own hair, and style it into a bun. Once a week or so, I take the twists down, wash, condition, moisturize, seal, and redo the twists. I can't get much more than a week because they get really frizzy.