August Workout Schedule

in , , by FroBunni, Friday, July 31, 2015

It's almost August! The months are just flying by this year, and we're almost into Fall! I am taking it pretty easy on creating workouts this month, and I'm going to make use of my favorite workout DVDs. With my Yoga Certification test coming up in September and my Personal Trainer Certification in November, I really want to buckle down and devote a lot of my time to studying. But no worries, I still have a few good workouts for you! This month, I am focusing on jump rope workouts. Jumping rope is great cardio! It actually burns twice as many calories as running, and works the entire body. All you need is a $3 jump rope (I got mine from Five Below). If you can, I recommend jumping rope for, at least, 10 minutes a day. The pounds and fat will come right off in no time!

Oh! And this month is my birthday month! Happy birthday to me!
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