Tri-Cardio Workout

in , , by FroBunni, Monday, July 06, 2015
This post is in honor of my good friend, Jenny, who challenged me to make her some workouts...of course, she asked for this over 6 weeks ago, but that's ok. Better late than never, lol. 

Tri cardio workout | FroBunni

Last week, I posted about my July workout schedule and mentioned the Tri-Cardio workout. Consisting of three different "types of cardio" - high intensity, fat burning, and cardio with weights - the tri-cardio workout burns more calories than a traditional workout because of the short, high intensity interval exercises.

Tri cardio workout | FroBunni

These two workouts help to define abs and tone the legs and butt, but feel free to mix it up and add your own exercises to personalize it (check out my list of exercises to help give you ideas).
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