Curlformers, while not the most comfortable, allow hair to dry in the shortest amount of time.

On Monday night, I washed, conditioned, and set my hair on medium sized perm rods. Then I went to bed...well, I tried. With 50 perm rods in my hair, I just couldn't sleep. So, after tossing for 2 hours, I got up at 1am, took all of the rollers out, and put my hair in a bun. Needless to say, I was mad that I barely got any sleep because I spent an hour setting my hair, and another two hours wide awake and completely uncomfortable.

This isn't the first time this has happened. In fact, I often think that I can manage a perm rod, flexi-rod, or roller set overnight, only to be reminded that it ain't happenin'. In fact, on wash day, I can only set my hair on foam rollers or curlformers if I want to sleep. Everything else, is just unbearable. So, I know you're asking, Kami, what hair rollers are the most comfortable to sleep in?

Foam Rollers: This is why I love foam rollers; they give a cute hairstyle each and every time, and I can sleep on them. But what they make up in comfort, they lack in dry time. Foam rollers should not be used on wash day, they will take over a day to dry.
Extra Small Perm Rods: I did a perm rod set using extra small perm rods awhile ago, like when I wasn't even two years natural. While mildly uncomfortable, they did allow me to sleep fairly well without much effort. But, with extra small perm rods, I can expect a longer install time, plus they're going to take awhile to try. I wouldn't try this again on my current length of hair.
Curlformers: I know what you're think, curlformers are comfortable?! Actually, yes. Curlformers are much more flexible than hard rollers, and hence you can push them to one side and sleep on the other. And even better, they're perfect for wash day because my hair is always dry in the morning.
Small Flexi-Rods: Flexi-rods are hit or miss. Some nights, I can sleep on them pretty well, and other times, it's a nightmare. It's how I roll them. If I have some of the rods sticking outwards, it makes sleeping near impossible. But if I roll and fold them perfectly, it's not the worst sleep...not the best though either. And the dry time is, at least, 8 hours, but most of the time it's like 12 hours.
Everything else: This includes all of the medium and large sized perm rods and flexi-rods, and all magnetic rollers. There's not a way to maneuver magnetic rollers around your head to make them comfortable, so it has always guaranteed a poor night sleep. They work better with ponytail sets (which don't cover your head in rollers), or if I plan to use heat to dry them.

Of course, all of this will depend on your tolerance level. Chigirlmakeup sleeps in her perm rod sets, but that's just not possible for me. Everyone is different, and as always, you're probably going to have to test it out. Oh, and one more thing, sleeping on an airplane pillow actually makes it easier to sleep if you have curlers in your hair. The pillow raises your head to accommodate the curlers making it a bit easier to sleep.

Sound off in the comments, can you sleep with curlers in your hair?
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