Foam Roller Set | Curly Bob

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FroBunni | Foam Roller Set Curly Bob

I know I've said it before, but I love foam rollers. I always know that my hairstyle will turn out perfect with them. This past weekend, I did a cute curly bob hairstyle using foam rollers, and even though it looks complicated, it was beyond easy.

All I did was moisturize my hair with Giovanni Direct Leave-In, seal with grapeseed oil, and followed up with Jane Carter Wrap and Roll. I took a small section of hair (there were about 30 rollers on my head when I was done), began two strand twisting, and mid way down my hair, smoothed the rest of the section, and wrapped my hair around the roller (so that section is two strand twisted near the root, and then loose from mid-shaft down to the ends).

In the morning when my hair was dry, I covered my hands with grapeseed oil, and gently removed each curl and separated it into two sections, making sure to twirl each section around my finger to reinforce the curl. I made a side part, and voila! All done. So if you're ever worried that natural hair isn't versatile, or that long hair is boring, this easy hairstyle proves that it's not true!

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More Nude Lipsticks for Black Women

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Last week, I got my hands on three more nude lipsticks that work amazingly on dark skin! I also got to try Milani Cosmetics, another great inexpensive brand that has amazing blushes and lipsticks. I'll write a review for Milani next week, but for now, check out these great nude lipsticks.

Before I start, let me list the other nudes that are great for black women
NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in Cocoa from Another Great Nude Lipstick on Dark Skin
NYX Voltage in Dirty Talk from Nude Lipstick on Dark Skin
Wet N Wild Mocha-licious from Nude Lipstick on Dark Skin

Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Rose Femme: This is a very pinky nude, but also matches the color of my bottom lip (hence why I consider it a nude).

Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Teddy: It's been very difficult finding this color, but I finally did last week! It's a an even mix of pink and brown.

NYX Matte Lipstick in Maison: This was the last shrink-wrapped Maison left at Ulta when I went last Wednesday, and I am more than excited to finally try it. I have since recommended this color to over 10 women in less than a week. This color is worth the search if you need a perfect nude lipstick!

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A Yoga Challenge, the Right Way

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FroBunni | Yoga Poses
Check out my Instagram for daily yoga poses from my practice

Remember my failed Monthly Yoga Challenge...even though I had high hopes, I barely posted on it. January was the split challenge, and after a week of practice, I felt defeated. I felt like I should've been almost to the ground, and was frustrated that it wasn't happening. I was also pushing myself too hard and started having a lot pain in my legs and hips. In all honesty, it was probably better that I gave up, than continued and injured myself.

Since being on Instagram, I have had a renewed effort in accomplishing a split. Reading inspiration from other yogis, I have found that it takes time, and a lot of time at that. I can't just go from no split to split in a week, and even a month could be too little time. Same with a handstand and forearm stand. My body needs to build the strength, control, and balance to be able to go into those positions and hold them. They can't be accomplished over night. I need the patience and the ability to let go and let what will happen, instead of push myself to injury, or even worse, give up. 

So I started to look at my yoga challenge a little differently. I need to work on each pose each day instead of doing a crash course on a different pose each month. My daily yoga practice includes a few positions that I want to accomplish - splits, handstand, forearm stand, crane, and so much more. I am solely getting more flexible and stronger. I am noticed more muscle definition, and I am not as sore from my yoga practice. Everything is gradual, but I am still accomplishing little goals every week!
And when I finally do a split, I know it's because my body was ready, not because I forced it into that position.

"Bend it never break it, baby watch and I'm a show ya" - Janelle Monae

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5 DIY Home Decorating Ideas

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I still haven't overhauled and redecorated my apartment, and to be honest, I'm itching to do it soon. Unforunatley, I am considering moving (again), and don't want to redecorate only to pack everything up, move, unpack, and redecorate again. Of course, while I decide, I still have millions of DIY home decorating ideas, thanks to Pinterest.

Glitter Vase: While most of the world hates glitter, I absolutely love it. So of course, this would be the perfect DIY for my apartment (I would even pick the same color, lol).
DIY Glitter vase

Light Chandelier: I don't have a dining room fan or light fixture, so this is a great way to brighten that area in a romantic, ethereal kind of way. 
Light Chandelier

Tree Light Divider: Even though my apartment is a studio, it actually doesn't need a divider in my opinion, but I do love them for decorating purposes and adding texture and color. This light idea is gorgeous!
DIY Tree Light Divider

Designer Pillows: I really love decorative pillows, but the ones I really want are pretty expensive. I'm probably going to DIY them for a less expensive, but still classy alternative.
DIY Designer Pillows

Cork Heart: The new logo should tell you that I really love heart shapes. This is a cute decorative touch, and I could even paint it to add a bit of color.
Cork heart interior decoration

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Check Out My Feature on Klassy Kinks!

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Hey everyone! Recently, I did a Klassy Fitness sand Health Feature on Klassy Kinks! Check it out. Thanks Ijeoma! (She's looking for other fitness conscious naturals if you want to do one too!)

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Old FroBunni Website
I like the old design, but this new one looks so much better!

I hope everyone is liking the new design. I am really proud of what I've created. I put in somewhere close to 36 hours picking new colors, fonts, googling code and functions, and just changing everything. I relied heavily on my educational and professional background - I work in the digital realm in content management, SEO, and usability - so I knew what I was doing to a degree. But of course, there were still my nerves and apprehension. All in all, I am really happy, but before you think you can take this on yourself, I have a little advice...

The Good

  • My own design: I designed the blog and the logo, so I know that someone isn't running around with the exact same website.
  • Free: Because I did all the changes myself, this was free. Pre-designed templates run from around $15-$50, custom designs were $100 and up, and custom logos start at about $200. I saved money doing all the changes myself and creating the logo. 
  • Resume-Worthy: A little secret, from start to finish (including deciding that my blog needed a face lift) was done in a week. I did this so fast because the before and after is going on my resume. Like I mentioned, I work in this industry, so showing that I have a great grasp of HTML and CSS, can make code changes, and design a clean, easy to use website looks great.

The Ugly

  • It's Work: Like I said, I work in this industry, and this isn't my first time around some HTML, but it was still a lot of work. I spent a lot of time going back and forth between my code and googling the specific code or function that I was looking for. It definitely takes a lot of time and effort to get everything how you want it.
  • Bugs: For work, I've actually been through a website re-design and implementation (including running the content migration process), and I know that there's a testing period. Even though I knew this, I expected my blog to just work once I switched everything over. Nope, lol. I spent all day Sunday fixing bugs, and I still have some tweaks to fix here and there. 
  • You can't get everything you wish for: If you've been here before the re-design, you'll notice that my "Archived Posts" is now a link, instead of a drop down on the first page. This wasn't planned, but I couldn't find any code to create what I wanted. So I nixed it. This is part of re-designing websites, but I was still a bit disappointed when I realized I couldn't do it. I like my second option, but you'll never get everything you want. 

The Bad

  • I Could've Destroyed My Blog: I knew there was a potential that I really could've messed up my blog, even with backing it up. 
  • Still going to have to shell out money: I really want my blog to be responsive (this means the code is designed to resize and reformat for smart phones, iPads, and desktops). Right now, Blogger's mobile version is fine. And I may decide to attempt attempt it myself, but at this moment, I plan to hire someone. 
So, as you can see re-designing a blog is hard, but is doable. You will definitely experience some pitfalls, but I do think it's worth it. If you're nervous, like I said, you can buy pre-made templates. They won't be original to you, but they're definitely a lot nicer than blogger's standard template and functions.

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Homemade Cosmetics vs Commercial Cosmetics

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Homemade Cosmetics vs Commercial Cosmetics
Left: Photo was taken a few weeks ago; Right: Photo was taken 2 years ago

The other day I was going through my Facebook profile pics, and I came across this old picture. Ironically, I was also wearing the same dress, and going out for my birthday, but the difference is in the makeup. In the most recent pic, I used my cacao powder foundation and rice flour setting powder, and in the older picture, I used some foundation I got from the drugstore. While my technique definitely has gotten better (it's apparent lining my lips with lip liner has been a great addition to my routine), the foundation made me very red and shiny. My face looked very plastic as well. At the time, I really loved my look, but it's no surprise I decided to stop wasting my money at Target, Sephora, Walmart, and Mac when it came to foundation.

I know I write a lot about natural and homemade cosmetics, and of course everything doesn't work for everyone, but if this isn't a great comparison, I don't know what is! Like really, this is just night and day. I used cacao powder and flour flour powder in my profile pic over to the right, and again, you can just see how it matches my skin color so much better. 

So if you want to try it, cacao powder is easy to find at Amazon, and you can also find rice powder, but make sure you get the really fine powder.

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DC Life | Republic

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FroBunni | DC Life | Republic Takoma
Republic's menu and appetizer plate, see what I mean about eclectic Victoria.

Last weekend, my dad took me out for a belated birthday. I wasn't really sure where I wanted to go, but I knew I wanted to go somewhere new. A month ago, I discovered how useful the Washingtonian is (I've been living in DC for almost 4 years, I'm not sure why it took this long), and in an article, I found a mini-review for the restaurant Republic, in Takoma Park, MD. I went online perused their menu and was sold at mussels (I love mussels).

We drove to Republic, found parking pretty easily (which is rare in the DC area), and went it. First, let me say that I love their decor. I would coin it as eclectic Victorian - big, cushy chairs; decorated china; heavy, dark wood, elegant details and accents. Also, their staff was very attentive. Not just in the fact that they regularly checked up on us, but in that they helped us navigate the menu, recommended food, and even relayed our compliments to the chef.

FroBunni | DC Life | Republic Takoma
We got little hors d'oeuvres, compliments from the chef for our first time visiting. This was a cucumber and corn salsa on a corn chip with some bean dip.

While I came there for mussels, my dad was still very unsure of what he was getting, but while we perused the menu, the chef sent out little, complimentary hors d'oeuvres. They were quite delicious, and my dad even recommended that they put that on their menu.

FroBunni | DC Life | Republic Takoma

Eventually, we decided on our meal. My dad got the Smith Meadows Farm Burger, and the Pipe Dreams Fromage Goat Cheese Crostini, and I got Addie's Mussels and a Caesar Salad. Our appetizers didn't take too long to come out, and they were amazing! I eat Caesar salad a lot, but the dressing and the nice touch of anchovies really elevated it. And my dad's goat cheese crostini was so good! The warm goat cheese, the fried, crispy tomatoes, and the veggies just kept everything from getting to heavy. It was really heaven on a plate. 

FroBunni | DC Life | Republic Takoma

Not long after we finished out appetizers (and I was actually still nippling on my salad), we got our main course, and of course, they didn't disappoint. I'm a mussel connoisseur, so I really appreciate well cooked mussels, great tasting broth, and some thick bread to sop everything up. Of course, nothing disappointed me, but what really made is special was the bread. The bread was crispy but also really buttery and absorbent. It just made the mussels that much better.

So, if you are around Takoma Park, or just want a really great meal, I would definitely check out Republic. Great place to eat, great food and decor, hospitable staff. This is why I love DC life!

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Welcome to the New FroBunni

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FroBunni | New Blog
From this...
Hey everyone! It's super late (4:30am to be specific), but it's finally done! For the last week, I have been redesigning and coding the blog for a fresher, prettier look. I have an official logo, a nicer side bar, and a more robust navigation.

FroBunni | New Blog
To this!
I am still in the middle of some things, so don't be alarmed if you find any missing pages or links. Those will be fixed within the week! In the meantime, enjoy the new look. I hope you like it!

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Giovanni Eco Chic Soothing Facial Cleansing Towelettes

The more and more I wear makeup, the more I find I need a better way to remove it at the end of the day. Soap and water was fine when I would just wear some mascara and eyeliner, but since my makeup routine is a little more complex now, I've found that I need a little extra help removing it.

About a year ago, I picked up some Giovanni Eco Chic Soothing Facial Cleansing Towelettes to keep at work and in my overnight bag. I wanted them for days when I would need to freshen up, but didn't have the means to wash my face, like if I went to a happy hour after work. They were really great for this purpose and left my face clean, but not dry. Fast forward to a few months ago, I had washed my face to remove my makeup and still had some left behind. Out of frustration, I picked up the towelette, and it removed all of the left over makeup in one swipe. I tested it again a week later, and this time decided to just use it to remove my makeup from the start. Once again, in one swipe, my makeup was gone.

Since then, I've used these towelettes every time to remove my makeup, and each time, my makeup is gone, and my face clean and soft. These towelettes are perfect for removing makeup, cleaning your face, or just freshening up. Once again, Giovanni gets a perfect review.

Healthy Eats | Morning Yogurt

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Almond and raisin granola, plain greek yogurt, and oranges
Almond and raisin granola, plain greek yogurt, and oranges

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but for me, it's the most difficult. I am always rushing out of my apartment to get to work on time, so I never get a chance to make breakfast. Of course, I could just make it the night before, but I always seem to find a reason not to.

Instead, I've learned to keep ready-to-go food in my fridge and pantry. Yogurt, granola, and fruit are great items that can be quickly whipped together to create a delicious, filling, and healthy breakfast. In the morning, I just throw them in my bag, and when I get to work mix them all together. It's perfect for those in a rush!
Grapeseed and coconut oil for natural hair

Natural Hair 101 should tell you that when you moisturize your hair, you need to seal the moisture in with oil. With so many oils out on the market, the options are endless. When I first went natural, I used this "super" oil mix of shea butter, coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, and avocado oil. I know, it's a lot. Then I nixed the shea butter when I realized that it had no benefit for me. And later, I got rid of the avocado oil because it was like olive oil, just more expensive. The castor is just super thick, so outside of winter, my hair would turn into an oil slick when I used it. That left just coconut and olive oil.

I've dabbled in using other oils - sweet almond oil, lanolin oil, macadamia nut oil, walnut oil - none really made an impact...well, except for one, grapeseed oil. My love of grapeseed oil is off and on. I love it because it feels like liquid velvet and is really great for skin and hair. But the price point makes it less appealing. So, it stayed to the wayside of my skin and natural hair regimen.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Whole Foods to stock up on the Giovanni 2chic Brazilian Keratin & Argan Oil Ultra Sleek Leave-In Conditioning & Style Elixir. I've mentioned my love for this hair product many times before; it always makes my hair so soft and shiny. Oddly enough, the first ingredient just so happens to be grapeseed oil. At that moment, I thought, if I'm willing to spend the money on the Giovanni oil, then I should be willing to spend money on some grapeseed oil. So I walked over to the oil aisle...laughed hysterically at the price of grapeseed oil at Whole Foods, and went home and purchased some from Amazon.

If you're like me - heavier oils tend to weigh your hair down and make it feel greasy - grapeseed oil may be for you. The price point is pretty high, but trust me, it's worth it. Grapeseed oil is an emollient, softening hair and skin, and it has great anti-aging properties. It helps to prevent frizzy hair from humidity. And every time I use it, my hair looks really shiny and holds a style longer than with the olive oil. Not to mention, it's liquid velvet; it's a very luxurious feeling oil. So try it, and let me know how you like it!

...oh, and I know what you're thinking. Yup, I bought the Giovanni. I mean, I always buy Giovanni, I just tend to keep coupons in my pocket for the many days that I find myself in a store in front of a bunch of Giovanni products, lol.

5 Super Effective Jump Rope Workouts to Lose Weight Fast

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This month, I am on overhaul studying for my yoga certification, and I need my workouts as quick and effective as possible. So of course, I went to my tried and true jump rope. Jumping rope gives you one of the most effective, intense cardio workouts. It burns more calories than running, and at only $3, it's one of the cheapest gym equipments you can buy.

I love burpees! And by adding a jump rope, you're going to work your core like no other. Get ready to sweat!
Jump Rope Workout

This is a full body workout that includes bodyweight exercises. In under 30 minutes, you're going to get one of the most effective workouts that will burn fat and tone muscle. 
Jump Rope Workout

Combining jump rope and tabata, sounds like a fitness fanatics dream. If you're not familiar with tabata workouts, each exercise is done twice for 20 seconds, with a 10 second break in between. So you're going to jump rope fast for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, jump rope fast for another 20 seconds, rest for another 10 seconds, and then move on to squat jumps. The workout should take you 25 minutes total to complete. 
Jump Rope Workout

Another full body workout, this is done in a pyramid circuit style. This jump rope workout will work your thighs, butt, abs, and arms to help tone and tighten every inch of you!
Jump Rope Workout

This one is all jump rope and really fast. In under 10 minutes, you're going to be sweaty, tired, and out of breath. Great for when you're really short on time; you can even repeat this if you want to give yourself a challenge!
Jump Rope Workout

Yesterday was my birthday! Goodbye 26, hello 27!

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FroBunni | Natural Hair

Yesterday was my birthday, and I must admit it was great. I was having a few doubts due to some recent things that happened in my life, but it all worked out for the best. I spent the weekend with my mom, who is my best friend, and then finished out the day with my boyfriend.

I've learned so much about myself in this last year, and every day I am becoming a happier, more confident person. So goodbye 26, hello 27!