5 DIY Home Decorating Ideas

in , , by FroBunni, Monday, August 24, 2015
I still haven't overhauled and redecorated my apartment, and to be honest, I'm itching to do it soon. Unforunatley, I am considering moving (again), and don't want to redecorate only to pack everything up, move, unpack, and redecorate again. Of course, while I decide, I still have millions of DIY home decorating ideas, thanks to Pinterest.

Glitter Vase: While most of the world hates glitter, I absolutely love it. So of course, this would be the perfect DIY for my apartment (I would even pick the same color, lol).
DIY Glitter vase

Light Chandelier: I don't have a dining room fan or light fixture, so this is a great way to brighten that area in a romantic, ethereal kind of way. 
Light Chandelier

Tree Light Divider: Even though my apartment is a studio, it actually doesn't need a divider in my opinion, but I do love them for decorating purposes and adding texture and color. This light idea is gorgeous!
DIY Tree Light Divider

Designer Pillows: I really love decorative pillows, but the ones I really want are pretty expensive. I'm probably going to DIY them for a less expensive, but still classy alternative.
DIY Designer Pillows

Cork Heart: The new logo should tell you that I really love heart shapes. This is a cute decorative touch, and I could even paint it to add a bit of color.
Cork heart interior decoration

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