A Yoga Challenge, the Right Way

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Remember my failed Monthly Yoga Challenge...even though I had high hopes, I barely posted on it. January was the split challenge, and after a week of practice, I felt defeated. I felt like I should've been almost to the ground, and was frustrated that it wasn't happening. I was also pushing myself too hard and started having a lot pain in my legs and hips. In all honesty, it was probably better that I gave up, than continued and injured myself.

Since being on Instagram, I have had a renewed effort in accomplishing a split. Reading inspiration from other yogis, I have found that it takes time, and a lot of time at that. I can't just go from no split to split in a week, and even a month could be too little time. Same with a handstand and forearm stand. My body needs to build the strength, control, and balance to be able to go into those positions and hold them. They can't be accomplished over night. I need the patience and the ability to let go and let what will happen, instead of push myself to injury, or even worse, give up. 

So I started to look at my yoga challenge a little differently. I need to work on each pose each day instead of doing a crash course on a different pose each month. My daily yoga practice includes a few positions that I want to accomplish - splits, handstand, forearm stand, crane, and so much more. I am solely getting more flexible and stronger. I am noticed more muscle definition, and I am not as sore from my yoga practice. Everything is gradual, but I am still accomplishing little goals every week!
And when I finally do a split, I know it's because my body was ready, not because I forced it into that position.

"Bend it never break it, baby watch and I'm a show ya" - Janelle Monae

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