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I like the old design, but this new one looks so much better!

I hope everyone is liking the new design. I am really proud of what I've created. I put in somewhere close to 36 hours picking new colors, fonts, googling code and functions, and just changing everything. I relied heavily on my educational and professional background - I work in the digital realm in content management, SEO, and usability - so I knew what I was doing to a degree. But of course, there were still my nerves and apprehension. All in all, I am really happy, but before you think you can take this on yourself, I have a little advice...

The Good

  • My own design: I designed the blog and the logo, so I know that someone isn't running around with the exact same website.
  • Free: Because I did all the changes myself, this was free. Pre-designed templates run from around $15-$50, custom designs were $100 and up, and custom logos start at about $200. I saved money doing all the changes myself and creating the logo. 
  • Resume-Worthy: A little secret, from start to finish (including deciding that my blog needed a face lift) was done in a week. I did this so fast because the before and after is going on my resume. Like I mentioned, I work in this industry, so showing that I have a great grasp of HTML and CSS, can make code changes, and design a clean, easy to use website looks great.

The Ugly

  • It's Work: Like I said, I work in this industry, and this isn't my first time around some HTML, but it was still a lot of work. I spent a lot of time going back and forth between my code and googling the specific code or function that I was looking for. It definitely takes a lot of time and effort to get everything how you want it.
  • Bugs: For work, I've actually been through a website re-design and implementation (including running the content migration process), and I know that there's a testing period. Even though I knew this, I expected my blog to just work once I switched everything over. Nope, lol. I spent all day Sunday fixing bugs, and I still have some tweaks to fix here and there. 
  • You can't get everything you wish for: If you've been here before the re-design, you'll notice that my "Archived Posts" is now a link, instead of a drop down on the first page. This wasn't planned, but I couldn't find any code to create what I wanted. So I nixed it. This is part of re-designing websites, but I was still a bit disappointed when I realized I couldn't do it. I like my second option, but you'll never get everything you want. 

The Bad

  • I Could've Destroyed My Blog: I knew there was a potential that I really could've messed up my blog, even with backing it up. 
  • Still going to have to shell out money: I really want my blog to be responsive (this means the code is designed to resize and reformat for smart phones, iPads, and desktops). Right now, Blogger's mobile version is fine. And I may decide to attempt attempt it myself, but at this moment, I plan to hire someone. 
So, as you can see re-designing a blog is hard, but is doable. You will definitely experience some pitfalls, but I do think it's worth it. If you're nervous, like I said, you can buy pre-made templates. They won't be original to you, but they're definitely a lot nicer than blogger's standard template and functions.

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