5 Easy Tips to Keep Natural Hair Moisturized

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FroBunni | 5 Easy Tips to Keep Natural Hair Moisturized
Daily moisturizing and sealing has helped me keep my hair soft and shiny. 

Natural hair can be difficult to moisturize and stay moisturized. I often find that people make really easy mistakes when it comes to maintaining their hair's moisture. So consider these easy tips if you find that your hair is perpetually dry. 
  1. Moisturize and Seal Daily: This is natural hair 101, but moisturize and seal daily with a water based leave-in conditioner (could be water, aloe vera juice, a product, or even conditioner) and seal with an oil or butter, like coconut oil or shea butter. Natural hair needs more moisture than straighter hair textures, and by moisturizing and sealing it adds moisture to hair, while also preventing breakage and damage. 
  2. Wet Hair Twice a Week: Since changing my regimen to washing and cowashing weekly, I have noticed less split ends and damaged hair. Moisturizing and sealing hair is great, but saturating hair with water really helps to replenish hair's moisture making it soft, supple, and shiny. Consider cowashing or wetting hair during the middle of the week, and remember to seal the moisture in with oil afterwards. 
  3. Replace Conditioner with Deep Condition: If you find that your hair is really dry, consider replacing your conditioner with a deep conditioner. Lately, I have been using deep conditioners like Giovanni Blackberry and Coconut Milk Repairing Intensive Hair Mask and Giovanni Avocado & Olive Oil Ultra-Moist Deep Deep Moisture Mask after I shampoo, and I have noticed that my hair is significantly more moisturized than if I use a regular conditioner.
  4. Oil Doesn't Moisturize: Oil doesn't moisturize hair, this is unfortunately a natural hair myth. While oils like coconut and olive oil can penetrate hair, they cannot add moisture to hair, which can only be done by a water-based product. So if you find that your hair is dry and solely use an oil, then this lack of moisture is, more than likely, the reason why.
  5. Don't Forget Your Scalp: Sometimes we forget to care for our scalp, but we have to remember that hair grows from the scalp. Consider applying water or aloe vera juice to scalp once or twice a week to keep the scalp supple and prevent dandruff and itching. 
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A Headwrap Can Definitely be Professional

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FroBunni | Headwrap
Since I started washing and cowashing my natural hair each week, I have to admit that it can get a little time consuming trying to figure out different hairstyles. I wear my hair in two-strand twists, but I get tired of them pretty quickly . This week, I decided to rock a headwrap for a couple of days. It was rather refreshing, and I absolutely enjoyed not having to worry about my hair while still looking professional.

FroBunni | Headwrap
Last year, I posted the question "Can you wear a headwrap to work?" Of course, this will depend on your job and their standards of "professionalism," but I still recommend to try it. But I'll just say, it went over quite well with my coworkers and boss.

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3 Fall-Inspired Smoothies for Glowing Skin

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3 Fall-Inspired Smoothies for Glowing Skin

I love fall, it's my favorite season. The heat and humidity subside into a cool breeze and crisp air, and the leaves begin to change colors. But one thing I will miss about summer is always having that healthy, summer glow. But luckily there are tons of seasonal fall foods that will give you healthy, beautiful, glowing skin from the inside out. 

Grape and Lime Green Smoothie: I never knew grapes were a seasonal fruit until a couple of years ago, and honestly, they taste the best (and they're the cheapest) during the fall season. Packed full of vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps to regenerate and repair skin, the grapes hide the flavor of the kale. The lime is also full of vitamin C and adds a refreshing zest to the yummy, green smoothie.
3 Fall-Inspired Smoothies for Glowing Skin | Grape and Lime Green Smoothie

1 cup grapes
1 cup of water (can also use coconut water or tea for added health benefits)
1/2 cup kale
Juice from half a lime

Apple Pie Smoothie: What's fall like without apple pie? And with this smoothie, you can have some without any of the guilt. Of course, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but the skin glowing secret in this is the maple syrup, which is full of zinc, a mineral that helps keep skin healthy and prevent aging.
3 Fall-Inspired Smoothies for Glowing Skin | Apple Pie Smoothie

1 apple, sliced
1 cup almond milk
1/2 tablespoon maple syrup
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp nutmeg
1 tsp vanilla

Pumpkin Spice Latte Smoothie: The secret ingredient in this fall favorite...cauliflower! I took a note from Aloha and their Secret Ingredient Sugar Cookie Smoothie for the idea. A perfect vegetable to add to a smoothie, the flavor is so mild that you can't even taste it. And with the pumpkin, it makes a creamy, healthy, and filling version of the restaurant variety. A vitamin A powerhouse, pumpkin contains beta-carotene, an antioxidant that helps keeps skin moist and supple.
3 Fall-Inspired Smoothies for Beautiful, Glowing Skin | Pumpkin Spice Latte Smoothie

1 cup pumpkin puree
1 cup almond milk
1/2 cup cauliflower
1/2 tablespoon honey
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp clove
1 tsp nutmeg
1 tsp vanilla

So, don't worry this season! You can love fall and having gorgeous, glowing skin with these tasty, healthy smoothies!

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How I Blow Dry My Natural Hair

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FroBunni | Natural hair blow out, long natural hair
I blow dried my hair for my birthday. It was pretty straight here, but didn't last that long outside.

Autumn is just about here, and that means one thing...I can wear my hair straight without it getting frizzy. Hooray! This weekend is supposed to be nice, so I plan to blow dry and wear my hair out. Like the rest of my regimen, I try to keep it fairly simple for blow outs, but since I have to protect my hair from heat damage, I add in a few more products to the mix. 
  1. Wash and condition my hair: I like to start off with clean hair, so I wash with Kinky Curly Come Clean, which cleans my hair without stripping it, and condition with a Giovanni conditioner. 
  2. Apply a deep conditioner: I like to use a repairing conditioner like Giovanni 2 Chic Repairing Intensive Hair Mask, which is a mix of a protein and moisturizing deep conditioner. With the deep conditioner in my hair, I also take this time to detangle with a denman. 
  3. Apply aloe vera juice to my scalp: Aloe vera juice is great for decreasing shedding and keeps my scalp moisturized, which helps to prevent drandruff and an itchiness.

  4. Aloe vera juice, Giovanni 2 Chic Brazilian Keratin Leave-In Conditioning & Styling Elixer, Giovanni 2 Chic Brazilian Keratin Ultra-Sleek Hair & Body Super Potion, Liquid Amino Acids

  5. Section and apply products: To get my hair fairly straight, I make 12 sections and apply my products in this order: liquid amino acids, Giovanni Direct Leave-In, Giovanni 2 Chic Ultra-Sleek Leave-In Conditioning & Styling Elixir, and Giovanni 2 Chic Ultra-Sleek Hair & Body Super Potion. The liquid amino acids help to protect and add strength to my hair, while also making it a little bit straighter, The Direct Leave-In adds moisture, and the Conditioning & Styling Elixir is the heat protectant. The Hair & Body Super Potion seals in the moisture, while also providing heat protection, as well. 
  6.  Blow-Dry: I make bantu-knots for each section to keep my hair out of the way. Then I take one section, and separate it in two. I clip one of those sections out of the way, and begin blow drying the other section using the tension method (pull hair taunt and blow dry hair while it’s pulled straight). When that section is dry, I start on the other section, and when both sections are done, I either two strand twist them together, or roll my hair around a flexi-rod. Just depends on the look I’m going for. Then, I move on to the next section. 
  7. Apply some oil: When all of my hair is dry, I apply some Giovanni 2 Chic Ultra-Sleek Hair & Body Super Potion to add some shine.
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Why I Started and Continue This Blog

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Earlier this week, I was on Facebook perusing my timeline when I saw something that really disturbed me. It was a video of a news anchor telling an intern to straighten her natural hair so that it would not be "distracting." I cringed watching this and couldn't understand why someone, who has the power to make a difference and a positive impact in our community, was telling a young, black woman to confirm to the unattainable white standard of beauty (which many white women struggle to attain themselves). Even worse, the news anchor could not even acknowledge the historical reasoning for black women straight their hair, and how that has been so detrimental in our self-esteem and confidence. She was basically reinforcing the myth that black women cannot be successful without relaxing or straightening their hair.

The news anchors words are exactly why I wanted to start a blog about natural hair, and why I continue, after two years, to write, encourage, and inspire black women to wear their natural hair. The beginning years of my natural hair journey were a struggle as I learned about the texture of my hair, and the products and techniques to which it responded best. It has not always been easy, but perseverance and determination has guided me through some really difficult moments. There were days where I wondered if this was the best decision for me, as well as moments where I was ready to go back to relaxers. Even though I have gotten past these emotions, and have grown healthy, long hair, I always look at my natural hair as a constant learning experience, if not for myself, then for the knowledge and information I can pass on to other naturals.

If you're on a natural hair journey and struggling, please know that it does get easier. The first one to three years maybe very difficult and frustrating, but continue to learn about your hair. And if you ever experience any level of negativity about your hair, remember why you went natural. You didn't go natural to make someone else happy, you went natural to make yourself happy. If you are concerned about your hair for anything job-related, it can be resolved by just pulling it back into a ponytail or bun. You don't have to subject your hair to flat irons and chemicals, or cover it up with weaves and wigs. You're natural hair is a part of you, and just like you, it is beautiful.

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DC Life | Smithsonian Air and Space Museum: Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center

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Smithsonian Air and Space Museum: Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center

A few weeks ago, I went to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum: Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center out in Chantilly, VA. I've been to the one in DC on the National Mall, but never to this one. If you have a chance to go, I would recommend it. According to the Smithsonian's website, the museum opened in 2003 and the two hangers - the Boeing Aviation Hangar and the James S. McDonnell Space Hangar - includes "thousands of aviation and space artifacts, including a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, a Concorde, and the space shuttle Discovery."

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum: Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center

I will be honest, I didn't even realize that it was two hangers, instead of one, but the museum is huge. I very much remember the blackbird, my boyfriend pointed it out to me and is obsessed with it.

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum: Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center

We were at the museum for almost two hours, and the only reason for that was because it was about to close. You can definitely spend half the day there, especially if you see an IMAX movie.

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum: Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center

I was literally amazed at everything in there. There are more than 100 planes in the museum, and like the description from the website says, even a space shuttle.

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum: Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center

The nice thing about the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center was that it wasn't as crowded as the Air and Space Museum on the Mall. So you can walk around and not feel rushed or that someone is invading your space.  

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum: Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center

Like all of the Smithsonians, it was free to get in, but it does cost $15 to park. 

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum: Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center

So if you're coming to DC for a vacation, or maybe you've been living in DC for the last five years, but never drove out to Chantilly, check out the very spectacular Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center.

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum: Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center

Last pic, this isn't even the tip of the iceberg. I took so many!

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DC Life | Living in DC

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If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been incorporating more of my DC life into my blog. While that wasn’t my original intention when I started, I began to have so many DC adventures, and I didn’t want to keep them to myself. And so the “DC Life” tag was born.

I came down to DC in the fall of 2010 for grad school. I applied and was accepted to a few different schools, including one in Quebec, and I decided to move to DC because my dad lived in the area, and my mom was only a couple hours away in Pennsylvania (though I know I would’ve loved Canada). Maybe city life is more for me, but I easily adjusted and have been here ever since. While I am definitely open to moving somewhere else, like back to New York or Canada (still not ruling that out), I think DC is a great place to live, and here are a few reasons why.

Boas (Chinese Steamed Buns) at NaiNai's Noodle and Dumpling Bar
Baos (Chinese Steamed Buns) at NaiNai's Noodle and Dumpling Bar

Restaurants Galore: Within a one-mile radius of my apartment, there are two pho restaurants, three Thai restaurants, two Italian restaurants, four Hispanic restaurants, four sushi places, three sports bar, two non-Starbucks or Panera coffee shops, a SweetGreen, a FroYo, and about 25 other restaurants that I have yet to try. And all of them are amazing! This is normal in DC. Top-notch, non-chain restaurants galore.

Flowers at the United States Botanical Garden

Lots of Free Things to Do: Head down to the mall and you have the Smithsonian museums, and all of them are free. My two favorites are the Air & Space Museum and the American Indian Museum. If I'm not in the mood to go to a museum, I check out Free in DC or Eventbrite to find other free things to do like food tastings, fitness classes, festivals, and more.

National Press Club sponsored a workout by Tony Horton
National Press Club sponsored a workout by Tony Horton in 2013 (also this year, but I didn't go to that one)

Fitties Everywhere: DC is at the top of the chart for fittest city, and after coming from one of the most unhealthiest cities...well, this place is six-pack heaven. From boutique gyms, large chains, yoga studios, and more, there's something for everyone here. Not to mention the fittie happy hours, cooking classes, and networking events, if you're in fitness, you won't be disappointed. Oh, and if you are looking for something free and healthy to do, check out Active Life DC, they're great for finding free fitness classes.

Bahamadia at DC Loves J Dilla Tribute Concert 2014 at Howard Theatre
Bahamadia at DC Loves J Dilla Tribute Concert 2014 at Howard Theatre

Tunes & Beats: Like music? Most of us do and in DC there's a genre for everyone. So far, I've been to a classical string quartet at the Kennedy Center, I saw Johnnyswim at The Hamilton, I get my hip hop fix at Howard Theatre (saw PRhyme and three Pharoahe Monch concerts, plus the yearly DC Loves J Dilla Tribute Concert is held there), and even went down to Barracks Row to see a Marine band performance. There's also a lot of great independent artists here like Simone Arabia, Gods'illaRa the MC, and Navon Smith, but if you're into more mainstream music, well-known artists come through the Convention Center.

Natural Hair Capitol of the World: This probably means nothing to you if you aren't natural, but in DC, I see natural hair everyday, everywhere. From TWAs to locs to big fros, natural hair is a force here. There's a bunch of salons that cater to natural hair, and you can even take a how-to class. Plus, there's a natural hair show once every other month, in fact The Naturalista Hair Show is in a couple of weeks.

The Art of Video Games at the Smithsonian Portrait Gallery

Geek Chic City: I don't really talk about it on my blog, but I'm a geek at heart, and DC has a lot of stuff to do if you're into it. Katsucon is held every year at the National Harbor, and there's a bunch anime associations in and around DC to join that have meetings, at least, once a month. I've been to a couple of Meetup groups centered around geeky things to do, and every bar has a trivia night (I'm not even joking, I feel like every DC bar has a trivia night). And if you're into more nerdy things, check out Nerd Guide.
Chad Mendes at UFC Fairfax
Chad Mendes at UFC Fairfax (this was the first UFC event in DC in almost 3 years)

Sports Fan Central: I will preface this by saying that MMA is the one thing missing here (although Ron Stallings and James Vick fight out of Maryland), but outside of that, DC is one of the few cities with a major league basketball, baseball, football, hockey, and soccer team. There's also a lacrosse team...and a Crossfit team called the DC Brawlers (I'm telling you fitness just runs through this city's veins)! And if you're a transplant like me, there's at least one sports bar in the area that caters to your team. Seriously, if you're a sports fan, this place is great!

Super Educated: The average DMV- resident has, at least, a bachelor's degree, and about 30% of DMV residents have a Master's or higher (the national average hovers around 8%). While I know some people may find it pretentious, I actually really enjoy this aspect of DC.

Dateable: I've read a lot about how it's hard to date in DC. Everything from everyone is unattractive to people are more concerned about status, but to be honest, I've never experienced this. For one, I stay away from the Hill. But I also go out and actually do things that I enjoy, and everything I've mentioned above (except the natural hair thing), I've gotten a date from/ was the date. So just get out there, find something you like to do, and everything else will fall into place.

This is just the tip of the iceberg to why I love DC, but of course, I can't mislead my readers, so I won't leave this post without touching on some negatives. The biggest is the cost, it is expensive to live here, I won’t lie. The average one-bedroom apartment in a nice area will run you about $1500-$2000 a month, with or without utilities, depending on where you live. And while homes and apartments are cheaper the farther out you live, it means you will probably have to deal with DC’s traffic, which is horrible. The average DC commute is around an hour, and I myself have been averaging an hour plus for the past two years (it will finally be under an hour come October, it’s a small blessing, but I’ll take it). And if you follow me on Twitter, then you know I gripe about the metro a lot. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a car, so by proxy, I have to love public transportation. But the metro can get pretty bad when there are delays.

Anywho, all of this aside, DC is a great place! If you're interested in moving here, I would definitely recommend researching and trying to spend a few nights here to get a feel for the city.

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5 Ways to Make Caesar Salad Exciting

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Lemon juice gave this Caesar salad some zest!

I love Caesar salad, but I know some people find it boring. Romaine lettuce and Parmesan cheese just isn't exciting for some. But no worries, if you find Caesar salad boring, try these five ways to spice it up!

Sprinkle on some pepper flakes: I don't really like heat, but some people can't live without it. If you have to up the temperature, sprinkle on some pepper flakes or add some cayenne pepper to the dressing.

Change up the dressing: Taking a note from SweetGreen, brighten and zest up the Caesar salad dressing with some lime juice. Instead of using raw garlic, try some roasted garlic. Or make an oil-based dressing by skipping the mayonnaise (or egg if you like homemade dressing) and using olive oil.

Yummy scallops turned this side dish into a meal

Add meat: Caesar salad doesn't have to be rabbit food. Add some shrimp, chicken, steak or any other meat to make a hearty meal.

Replace the romaine with kale: If you want to up the nutrition, replace the romaine with kale, which is packed with Vitamin A and C.

Get some inspiration abroad: Instead of salt, add soy sauce to the Caesar salad dressing, nix the Parmesan and sprinkle on some sesame seeds for an Asian-inspired Caesar salad. Replace Parmesan cheese and croutons with cotija cheese and crunched up corn ships for a southwest Caesar salad. Use your imagination, the possibilities are endless.

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Check Out My Natural Hair Feature on Natural Hair Ville!

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Hey everyone! When you get a chance, check out my feature on NaturalHairVille.com

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My New Favorite Drink | Alo drink

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Alo drink
I picked up two bottles of Alo drink yesterday from Whole Foods. Left to Right: Enrich Pomegranate and Cranberry, Appeal Pomelo Lemon and Pink Grapefruit

I spent this Labor Day weekend at my mom's house. I love going home, I get to see my two fluffy puppies, and get to eat my mom's home-good cooking. I got my love for good, healthy food from my mom. Growing up, I always had fresh salad on my plate, my mom rarely took my brother and I out for fast food, and each spring, summer, and fall she took us out to pick fruits and veggies.

I often learn about new food products and cooking gadgets from her, and this trip I was introduced to Alo drink, an aloe vera based juice. I use plain aloe vera for my hair, but have never drank it. I don't know why, but it just never appealed to me. My mom offered me an Alo drink, and I kindly declined, but then she forced me to have a bottle, lol. That's my mom. But I'm glad she did because this stuff is delicious. It tastes like fruit juice, but most of the ingredients are water and aloe vera juice. It's also really refreshing.

The one downside is that this stuff is pretty expensive. One bottle is around $2.50, and a pack of 12 on Amazon are about $20. Regardless, if you get a chance, try some. They're a great alternative to soda and regular juice. They may not be an everyday thing, but they will keep you from drinking the super sugary stuff.

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5 Healthy, Delicious Snacks to Keep at Work

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I eat about four to five times a day, which means that I have to keep snacks in my desk at work. Snacking can easily derail a diet, but there are so many healthy, delicious snacks on the market. These are my five favorite snacks to keep at my desk; they're perfect for when I have a sweet tooth or crave something salty, and even better, they're packed full of fiber, protein, and nutrients to keep my diet on track.

Mario On-The-Go Snack Pack Olives: I love salty foods, so it's easy for me to get distracted by a bag of potato chips. But a great alternative is, surprisingly, olives. They may lack the crunch, but the salty, briny flavor from an olive is a wonderful replacement for chips, even better, it has less calories. Add a few slices of low-fat cheese for some protein.
Mario On-The-Go Snack Pack Olives

Trader Joe's Lightly Salted Crunchy Green Beans: Never had these, well let me just say, they are amazing! Grant it, I love green beans, but they're crunchy, a little salty, and have fiber to keep you full and satisfied.
Trader Joe's Lightly Salted Crunchy Green Beans

Krave Jerky Snack Size: I first tried these at a food and restaurant convention outside of Philadelphia. Unlike other brands, the jerky is very soft and there are over 8 different flavors. Even better, they have a snack sized perfect to keep at your desk.
Krave Beef Jerky Chili Lime

Sabra Grab Go Packs: Hummus and pita chips are a match made in heaven. Don't like pita, that's ok, they have pretzels. Don't like garlic hummus, they have roasted red pepper too. Sabra makes a variety of these healthy little snack packs to suit everyone's tastes.
Sabra Grab-Go Packs Roasted Red Pepper Hummus with Pretzels

Nuts 'N More: I remember first seeing Nuts 'N More on Shark Tank, and I immediately placed an order. They offer a variety of flavors, as well as a powdered variety for smoothies. I like to put some on wheat cinnamon-raisin toast for a sweet treat that is delicious, healthy, and filling.
nuts 'n more White Chocolate Peanut Butter

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Workout of the Week | Weights and Cardio

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Do each exercise for 1 minute and repeat each circuit twice.

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Black in America | Sexism and Respectability Politics

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Yesterday, I went to an interview just outside of DC. I did my typical interview routine - showered, pulled my hair back in a bun, had a small breakfast, brushed my teeth, and put on my suit. My suit isn’t anything fancy, a black, slightly flared skirt with a blazer, and a dusty pink tank top. Conservative, with a slight hint of my feminine style, I had worn it many times before and received more than a few job offers in it. Before I left my apartment, I looked in the mirror, tidied up my hair, straightened my skirt, and felt a sense of confidence that I would nail my interview.

Outside I walked through the city like suburb that I reside. For once, I wasn’t in a hurry, I purposely gave myself an ample amount of time to take the metro over to Virginia, and even allowed time to accommodate typical metro delays. As I approached the entrance to the metro station, I noticed a man staring at me. I refused to acknowledge his glare and walked up the escalator. I noticed another man staring at me as I stood blank-faced waiting for the train. I know this look all too well…it’s the same look I get in a bikini, a mini skirt, a crop top, skinny jeans, sweatpants, sweaters, and even a business suit.

It’s frustrating, you know. I see memes on Instagram comparing “classy black women” to “ratchet black women.” A young college grad holding a degree with the caption “this could’ve been you, but you were too busy twerking.” A cartoon image of an Egyptian Queen saying, “queens get kings, bitches get bit.” And another image of a woman in booty shorts and a crop top next to a woman in a suit saying, “some women crave attention, others demand respect.” You mean like the respect that I wasn’t afforded when I wore a suit yesterday. Or what about that time in winter, a man felt I was obligated to respond to his hello, and he spit at me when I didn't. I was clothed then too.

I used to engage in respectability politics, slut shaming, and victim blaming in my high school days. I was a “good” girl, an honors student that kept her nose in the books. My mother bought my clothes, and she made sure that nothing showed any cleavage or midriff. I was your typical, high school geek. And in my high school, I was one of a few black students, so I fought racism on a daily basis. I really couldn’t understand the complex nuances of sexism at the time. It wasn’t until I got to college that I realized just how detrimental my thought process and beliefs. It was then that I realized a baggy pair of jeans would afford me the same disrespect as a mini skirt. That my desire to get a college degree was no different than someone else’s desire to be a stripper. That no matter how classy and educated I was, there was always someone who would still treat me like dirt. And even worse, society would perceive something wrong with me because of someone else's actions.

Recently, Cari Champion was promoted to SportsCenter anchor. I’ll be honest, I had no clue who she was when I saw the link on Facebook, but I noticed that she was a black woman doing something positive on a network with mostly white men, and I said “that’s wonderful!” And then I read the comments. Ugly, disgusting comments ranging from sexual fantasies to “she sucked someone’s dick to get that job.” I had to Google Cari to see that she graduated from UCLA, she’s been working in journalism for over 15 years, and that spent 6 months trying to be an anchor on SportsCenter. If anything, she deserved that position and did so through hard work, perseverance, and determination.

She doesn’t twerk...but yet her promotion didn't reward her the respect she demanded.

The phrase “how will men respect a woman if she can’t respect herself” kills me. Any variation of that phrase kills me because it can’t be farthest from the truth. I was disrespected wearing a suit going to an interview. Cari Champion was disrespected for becoming an sports news anchor. And Michelle Obama, the First Lady of the Untied States, a graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law, is bombarded with disrespect on a daily basis…and here some sit so quick to imply that if a man doesn’t respect a woman, she doesn’t respect herself…

And I have yet to even touch on the complex dichotomy of an individual's personality and interest that could allow one to wear booty shorts and dance in front of strangers, while also holding a PhD in Neuroscience. Don’t believe it’s possible, ask Kelly Bennion, NFL New England Patriots Cheerleader.

But, this is the miasma of sexism and respectability politics, that a stranger’s actions and opinions define you instead of you defining yourself...

I fight this mentality everyday on Facebook. It's starting to get hard, defending everything from a woman's right to wear a short dress to her decision to focus on her career and remain single til she's ready to date. It's so sad because all I'm doing is defending a woman's humanity, the right for her to live her life as she chooses...it's starting to get hard. I am soon thinking of "hanging up my hat." But even if I do, I still have to put on my suit, go outside, and fight this battle everyday myself.

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September Workout Schedule

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FroBunni | September workout schedule

Ah, September. The leaves will begin to change color, Starbucks and Panera will start selling the pumpkin spice latte, and I have another workout schedule post. I have kept it pretty simple this month. Cardio, weights, and yoga, as usual.

If you are like me, getting the desire to workout can be pretty hard. I can do yoga at the drop of a dime, but I really have to force myself to do cardio. What I have found is that I am really good at walking. I'll walk almost anywhere and have even walked 10 miles from Arlington into DC, all the way to Union Station. So I decided to nix any mandatory hardcore cardio this month, in lieu of just cardio. If I have the energy to do a HIIT workout then I'll do it, but if I just want to walk a mile, then that's ok too. This puts less pressure on me, and will actually make me enjoy my cardio when it seems insurmountable.

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