September Workout Schedule

in , , by FroBunni, Tuesday, September 01, 2015
FroBunni | September workout schedule

Ah, September. The leaves will begin to change color, Starbucks and Panera will start selling the pumpkin spice latte, and I have another workout schedule post. I have kept it pretty simple this month. Cardio, weights, and yoga, as usual.

If you are like me, getting the desire to workout can be pretty hard. I can do yoga at the drop of a dime, but I really have to force myself to do cardio. What I have found is that I am really good at walking. I'll walk almost anywhere and have even walked 10 miles from Arlington into DC, all the way to Union Station. So I decided to nix any mandatory hardcore cardio this month, in lieu of just cardio. If I have the energy to do a HIIT workout then I'll do it, but if I just want to walk a mile, then that's ok too. This puts less pressure on me, and will actually make me enjoy my cardio when it seems insurmountable.

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  1. Hi about working out at night, should one work out before dinner or after? because i come from work by 7:30 or 8pm latest and the food is usually ready by then.

  2. Hey Tracey! You can do either or. If I workout in the evening, I try to do it before dinner. But if you do it after dinner, wait about 30-45 minutes after you eat to give your food time to digest.