Why I Started and Continue This Blog

in , by FroBunni, Thursday, September 17, 2015
Earlier this week, I was on Facebook perusing my timeline when I saw something that really disturbed me. It was a video of a news anchor telling an intern to straighten her natural hair so that it would not be "distracting." I cringed watching this and couldn't understand why someone, who has the power to make a difference and a positive impact in our community, was telling a young, black woman to confirm to the unattainable white standard of beauty (which many white women struggle to attain themselves). Even worse, the news anchor could not even acknowledge the historical reasoning for black women straight their hair, and how that has been so detrimental in our self-esteem and confidence. She was basically reinforcing the myth that black women cannot be successful without relaxing or straightening their hair.

The news anchors words are exactly why I wanted to start a blog about natural hair, and why I continue, after two years, to write, encourage, and inspire black women to wear their natural hair. The beginning years of my natural hair journey were a struggle as I learned about the texture of my hair, and the products and techniques to which it responded best. It has not always been easy, but perseverance and determination has guided me through some really difficult moments. There were days where I wondered if this was the best decision for me, as well as moments where I was ready to go back to relaxers. Even though I have gotten past these emotions, and have grown healthy, long hair, I always look at my natural hair as a constant learning experience, if not for myself, then for the knowledge and information I can pass on to other naturals.

If you're on a natural hair journey and struggling, please know that it does get easier. The first one to three years maybe very difficult and frustrating, but continue to learn about your hair. And if you ever experience any level of negativity about your hair, remember why you went natural. You didn't go natural to make someone else happy, you went natural to make yourself happy. If you are concerned about your hair for anything job-related, it can be resolved by just pulling it back into a ponytail or bun. You don't have to subject your hair to flat irons and chemicals, or cover it up with weaves and wigs. You're natural hair is a part of you, and just like you, it is beautiful.

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