Four Ways I Make Detangling Easier

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Denman Brush
It may not be for everyone, but my Deman Brush gets tangles out of my natural hair, while being gentle at the same time.

There are many different ways to detangle, but I've found success with four different methods. What I love about all of them is that it keeps my breakage to a minimum, thus leaving me with more retained length. If you're having trouble with detangling sessions, consider trying one of these methods.

  1. Detangle in Section: Detangling in sections allows you to tackle your hair in smaller batches, instead of all at once. If you add your products in sections, and then detangle those sections, you will find it is easier and faster to detangle with less breakage. Remember to keep hair stretched (in braids, bantu knots, twists) both before and after you detangle to keep hair taunt, which cuts down on knots and tangles.
  2. Wash Hair in 12-16 Twists: Washing hair in twists helps to keep it detangled and stretched, which prevents it from shrinking up when wet. This also sets you up to detangle in sections once you're finished washing your hair.
  3. Detangle Before You Wash: If you keep your hair stretched most of the time, this method is for you. Before you wash your hair, using conditioner to soften and make the hair pliable, detangle in sections, then twist to keep them stretched and detangled. I've found this method is quickest and yields the least amount of breakage for me.
  4. Finger Detangle: If you find that you get significant breakage with a comb, then consider finger detangling. Your fingers are able to feel the knots and tangles, and gently remove them instead of ripping through them with a comb. This method is great for those with really fragile, delicate hair.

Regardless of what method you do, remember to keep your hair stretched while your hair dries (unless you're doing a wash n go). This will help to decrease tangles and knots, which reduces breakage.

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  1. This is quite literally some of the most logical advice that I never think of when detangling my hair.