FroBunni | ThredUp
I got these J.Crew pants from ThredUp for only $23. They retailed for about $85.

Business Clothes: If you need good, quality business clothes, then check out ThredUp. For 70-90% off, you can get great quality, designer clothes in perfect condition, or even better, with tags still on them. A good chunk of my business clothes, especially pants, come from ThredUp. I would definitely recommend them because everyone needs quality, well-made business clothes in their wardrobe.

FroBunni | Elizabeth & Clarke
These simple, yet elegant pleated top came from Elizabeth & Clarke

Basics: The bulk of my wardrobe is built around basics. In my opinion, you can't go wrong with them because they create a great outfit effortlessly. I turn to a few different places for basics: ASOSBooHoo, and Elizabeth & Clarke. ASOS and BooHoo are both UK companies that have tons of basic, inexpensive clothes. Both are always offering sales as well. Elizabeth & Clarke is a subscription service (I did a review on them), that offers fairly basic tops with touches of detail.

FroBunni | MissGuided

Special Occasion or Date Night: I discovered MissGuided this year (I did a review on them, as well), and they are my new obsession. I call their clothes "classy-sexy." They're a bit too much for work or your Sunday's best, but perfect for date night or a gala. Like BooHoo and ASOS, they have a lot of sales and discounts, so you'll find you can get two dresses for the price of one.

Unique Pieces: I just discovered Etsy, and it is amazing! They're perfect for everything! Unique home and office decor, finding a website designer, a gold notebook, stencils; seriously, Etsy is great for everything. And when it comes to your wardrobe, they'll add that pop of pizazz. After searching up and down for a tulle skirt, I found that there are tons upon tons of Etsy story owners that sell them. I just ordered, so I am hoping I get it soon!

FroBunni | Scarves
Scarves galore! I wear them around my neck and on my hand. 

Accessories: Forever21 and Agaci take the win for accessories. Most of my scarves come from Agaci, and I am slowly building up a jewelry collection from Forever21. Both are pretty inexpensive, and have very unique pieces despite being big name companies.

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