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Autumn is where my natural hair shines. Low humidity, not too cold, so I'm not wearing a hat. It's perfect. I went out to dinner on Sunday, and just loved my hair and makeup. 

I stretched my hair using curlformers. I've been using my curlformers a lot more lately, and I love waking up with stretched, dry hair after wash day. The following night, I moisturized with Giovanni 2 Chic Ultra-Moist Leave-In Conditioning & Styling Elixir. This moisturizer is perfect for my stretched hairstyles. It's very light, but also very moisturizing, and even has a bit of hold. So, when I do roller sets or bantu knots, it creates these soft, gossamer curls. I sealed with my coconut and grape seed oil mix, and then made three bantu knots - one at the nape of my neck, another in the middle, and the last at the top of head. In the morning, I undid the knots, separated the curls, and lightly fluffed. I made my usual side part, and voila. 

My makeup is consistent. Winged eyeliner, some highlight and blush, and lipstick. The only thing that really changes is the products. I used Colourpop highlighter in Avalon, Milani blush in Romantic Rose, and made Milani's Teddy Bear matte (this is a great nude lipstick for dark skin women, by the way). 

I absolutely loved this look, and I think I may make it my signature look for the holidays.

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