Top 5 FroBunni Posts of 2015

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Liquid amino acids, protective styles, and moisturized hair! These are the posts that you have kept coming back to in 2015!

Liquid Amino Acids Results on Natural Hair
Liquid Amino Acids Results on Natural Hair: I had always wanted to try liquid amino acids, and finally got the chance. And the results and effects on my hair are pure perfection!

Black in America | The Dark Skin, Long Hair Paradox
Black in America | The Dark Skin, Long Hair Paradox: An honest op-ed about being black with long hair and the stereotypes that come with it.

Protective hairstyles on short natural hair without weave
Protective hairstyles on short natural hair without weave: People always assume protective style equals weave, but it doesn't have to. These naturals help you protect your hair without buying any.

5 Tips on Getting Long Hair Longer
5 Tips on Getting Long Hair Longer: Growing my hair to hip length has been a challenge, but these tips have been helping me make my goal.

5 Easy Tips to Keep Natural Hair Moisturized
5 Easy Tips to Keep Natural Hair Moisturized: Originally written for a natural hair group on Facebook, this post gives wonderful tips for keeping hair moisturized!

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The Effects of Long-Term Baking Soda Use on my Hair

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FroBunni | Baking soda vs shampoo on natural hair

I was looking through old photos last night and noticed a stark difference in my hair this time last year compared to now. Last year, my hair looked really damaged, dry, and my ends looked rough. Of course, at the time, I thought my hair was doing fine and you couldn't tell me nothing. Fast forward to a picture I took a few days ago, and my hair looks much smoother, shiner, healthier, and not to mention, significantly fuller. Of course, my hair is a little longer, which is to be expected. But there's a huge different in my hair's health.

So what's the difference? It's that I finished my stint with baking soda. Remember last year, where I was doting on baking soda and how it's this awesome, great cleanser that's gentle on hair...yeah. At the end of last year, I picked up on how my hair wasn't exactly doing well, and decided to nix the baking soda and move to shampoo (of course, there was the short lived cowash and saponin era, but that didn't last long). The end the result. Well, you can see the difference.

So what's the takeaway here? Of course, listen to my hair. I wasn't doing that. I was ignoring how my hair looked and felt because I was determined to make baking soda work.  The other takeaway? Natural isn't always better. Yeah, baking soda is natural, but should it be regularly used on hair? For me, it's a no. Baking soda is very abrasive and extremely alkaline, two bad combos for hair (think of it like taking a pumice stone and cuticle remover to your hair...not good). While shampoo gets a bad name, they aren't necessarily bad. Of course, you have to find one that works well with your hair, and make sure you use it as directed (no need to wash hair with shampoo daily if you have dry hair).

Taking care of your hair takes dedication and time. While it took me awhile to stop using baking soda, I made a better choice in the end. Make sure you listen to your hair and try different products. You may be surprised at works and what doesn't.

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Check Out Cosmetic Info

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Remember my guar gum gel post? If you don't, it's where I detail why I don't use products with PVP, and that I make my own gel using guar gum powder. It's a pretty neat way to make some homemade natural hair gel with strong hold, so take a look at it when you get a chance.

I was just updating that post to insert better science on why I don't like PVP. When I first wrote it, I added, what I now realize, wasn't the best, most accurate scientific information on PVP. I included some more scientific links, while also reiterating that not everything works for everyone, and to test a product before deciding if you want to use it. Anywho, while doing real research, I came upon Cosmetic Info, "an information Web site that includes factual, scientific information on ingredients most commonly used in cosmetics and personal care products in the United States."

I don't get into the science of products very often because I'm not a scientist. But as a "classically-trained librarian" (this is how I refer to Master's in Library Science), I pride myself on providing people with accurate, peer-reviewed information. I also work for a non-profit that works to communicate science-based information on food, nutrition, and agriculture. So in short, my life is dedicated to making sure people know what they're talking about.

When it comes to natural hair forums, I see a lot of mis-information and fear mongering about ingredients, which leaves a lot of naturals fearing hair products and making their own products. While I have no real emotion towards this, I hate seeing inaccurate thrown around, and I do my best to clear up anything, but whenever I research sources to support my stance, I am often left with fear-mongering blogs. But no more...

With the Cosmetic Info, I can finally provide that accurate information to, not only others, but to myself. Case in point, I avoid PVP in all of my hair products because it dries out my hair. I never knew why until today. It's because it's a hair fixative meaning that it "helps hair hold its style by inhibiting the hair's ability to absorb moisture." So it makes sense that it dries out my hair. This website is officially hair science bae.

Oh, and just real quick, while I am not a scientist myself, if you want to check out a scientist who's also a natural hair blogger, then check out Natural Haven. I love her blog and it's a great resource for hair care from a science perspective. Not to mention she is actually a scientist, so cool!

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Outfits of the Week

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Saturday (two Saturdays ago)
FroBunni | Outfits of the Week
Tank Top - Forever21
Cardigan - Agaci
Pants - MissGuided
Shoes - DSW

FroBunni | Outfits of the Week
Bodysuit - BooHoo
Boots - Madden Girl

FroBunni | Outfits of the Week
Blazer - Agaci
Dress - Agaci
Boots - Madden Girl

FroBunni | Outfits of the Week
Dress - ASOS
Boots - Madden Girl

FroBunni | Outfits of the Week
Crop Top - Agaci
Shoes - Aldo

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10 Takeaways from the CDC's Food Safety Twitter Chat

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FroBunni | 10 Takeaways from the CDC's Holiday Food Safety Twitter Chat

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of joining a twitter chat on food safety hosted by the CDC. Since I have Crohn's Disease, I am very particular about food safety. With a compromised immune system, I am more at risk for certain illnesses and when I do contract them, it is more difficult for my immune system to fight it off (i.e. if I get the flu, it can take me twice as long to get better than a healthy person).

I am pretty meticulous when it comes to keeping my kitchen clean and I always wash my hands before preparing food, but I learned a lot during the chat (especially regarding washing poultry), so I am sharing what I learned with you!
  1. Don't wash your poultry; the heat from the cooking process kills any bacteria present.
  2. Perishable and prepared foods should not stay out of the refrigerator for more than 2 hours.
  3. Keep raw meats on the bottom shelves of your refrigerator so that any liquids don't drip on to food below.
  4. Keep raw meats separate from other foods in your grocery cart to prevent cross contamination.
  5. Avoid foods like soft cheese, unpasteurized milk, cookie dough, and raw eggs, which can carry food-borne illnesses.
  6. Use bleach when cleaning surfaces in the kitchen to effective kill bacteria.
  7. Use a clean towel when cleaning surfaces, sponges and wash clothes spread germs.
  8. Transport food in a cooler with ice to keep food below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  9. Have separate cutting boards for meat and produce to prevent cross contamination.
  10. Always wash hands before preparing and eating food.
Learned something new? Let me know in the comments. And have a happy and safe holiday!

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Outfits of the Week

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FroBunni | Outfits of the Week
Shirt - ASOS
Pants - MissGuided

FroBunni | Outfits of the Week

Pants - BCBGMaxazria

FroBunni | Outfits of the Week
Dress - Forever21
Belt and Tights - Target

FroBunni | Outfits of the Week
Blazer - Wet Seal
Shirt - ASOS
Skirt - BooHoo

FroBunni | Outfits of the Week
Shirt - Forever21
Shoes - DSW

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Review on ColourPop's StingRAYE for Dark Skin

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Colourpop's stingRAYE on dark skin women

For the past year, I have been watching Raye Raye on YouTube. She's one of the very few YouTubers that I regularly watch (FusionOfCultures is the other), so of course, I jumped at the chance to get stingRAYE, a lip color she created with ColourPop. I got the lipstick last week, and I have to admit, I'm not feeling it. I've looked at the pictures all weekend and with each glance, I like it a little bit less.

Having heard the very depressing phrase "dark skin women can't wear bright lipstick" growing up, I've always been one determined to break down that stereotype. I knew that dark skin women can wear a myriad of light and bright lipstick colors. Within the past couple of years, as my love for makeup began to grow, I found this more and more true, but also learned that a lip color has to match the right undertone and complexion. This began my journey for finding the perfect nude lipstick for dark skin.

So far, I have found 6 different nude lipsticks for darker complexions, and was hoping to add stingRAYE to the mix, but I'm bummed to find out that it just doesn't look good on me. This of course doesn't change my opinion of Raye Raye or ColourPop, and I will continue to support them. It just means that it's not the right color for me.

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5 Things I've Learned on my Journey to Long Hair

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FroBunni | 5 Things I've Learned on my Journey to Long Natural Hair
  1. Consistency: I do the same thing each week. I wash at the beginning of the week, cowash in the middle of the week, and I moisturize and seal almost daily. I do this day in, month out, and all year round. Consistency helps to ward off breakage and dry hair, and it also means that I will be style ready at all points of the week. It is the key for growing long hair, as well as making natural hair easy.
  2. I'm Unique: I used to try to use other naturals' regimens as my own. I would eat up my favorite bloggers and vloggers regimens, only to find it didn't work for my hair or wasn't working within my time commitments. Instead, I had to develop my own regimen. Because my hair is unique only to me, I had to create my own regimen, my own techniques, and my how-to's for hair styles so that everything fit perfectly for me.
  3. Patience is Golden: I big chopped in 2009, I wasn't waist length by 2010. In fact, it took til 2013 for me to reach waist length hair. I can't say that I embodied patience at all times, but I knew that I could do nothing other than be patient.
  4. Miracle Products Don't Exist: Miracle products promise an ideal outcome with little effort. They're always too good to be true. From tea rinses to scalp massages to protective styles, I used to try everything to grow my hair quickly until I realized that they weren't working...and some were even causing damage. Instead of trying to find a miracle product, I began to focus on products that properly moisturized my hair and products that made my hair strong. I began to incorporate techniques to prevent breakage. When I focused on the health of my hair, my hair began to flourish.
  5. Health Over Aesthetics: I continue to struggle with today. But I always have to remind myself to focus on the health of my hair. When my hair starts to get dry in the middle of the week, I can't continue with my hairstyle, I need to cowash and start over. If I love my stretched style, but my ends are getting ragged, I have to wash. And in the summer when humidity is at an all time high, I need to stick to protect styles. Making a hairstyle last isn't worth the damage it causes.
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Curlformers Barrel Curl Glam Up Kit

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FroBunni natural hair curlformers

Earlier this year, I found out that Curlformers came out with different size kits, but when I had found out, they were sold out. Bummer, I know. They restocked a few weeks ago, but since Black Friday was coming up, I knew they would probably have a sale, so I waited a little bit longer. So last week, I finally ordered them, and was able to try them earlier this week (the delivery was pretty fast). I now have 40 curlformers total, and can make smaller sections which makes for a more defined, shinier, sleeker curl. And the end result, perfection! 

To set, I cowashed my hair, then removing some of the water out of my hair with a t-shirt (it helps reduce frizz), I applied some aloe vera juice to my scalp. I made four sections, and on each section, I sprayed my hair with liquid amino acids (helps to strengthen hair and I've found that it reduces frizz), applied Giovanni Direct Leave-In, sealed with my coconut and grape seed oil mix, then applied some aloe vera gel to my hair. Working on small, one inch sections within the bigger sections, I put the curlformers in my hair. I slept in them to let air dry (sleeping on an airplane pillow really helps to make it comfortable). In the morning, I removed them, and put my hair in a ponytail. Voila!

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Review | Dragonfly Lake Scents

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Review | Dragonfly Lake Scents

A couple of months ago, Mioshee Greer, owner of Dragonfly Lake Scents, sent me soaps to try. There were a bunch of different scents like (my personal favorite) pumpkin spice, vanilla bean, and even beer, and all of them were handmade and all natural. Even better, they left my skin very soft and lasted a long time. Seriously, these are only sample sizes, and my original plan was to finish one before moving to the next, and eventually I realized that if I did this, it would take til March to finish. All of the scents smelled divine, like I was back home and my mom was baking (even the beer smelled really good).

With the holiday season coming up, these make the perfect gift, not to mention Dragonfly Lake Scents have more than just soaps. They sell bath salts and milks, sugar scrubs, and lotions. Their products are all homemade and natural, and they even have vegan varieties. So they're perfect for everyone. Check them out!

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Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, however I did receive a sample for my review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

The Beginner's Guide to Going Natural

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FroBunni | The beginner's guide to going natural

You may just be starting out, but with patience, persistence, and good hair care, your hair can be healthy!

I get a lot of questions from women who want to go natural or are just starting out, and there are a few resources throughout my blog that I am always referring them to. Unfortunately, they're all over the place, so I decided to make a post solely featuring those natural hair 101 posts. So if you're a beginner and you want to go natural (or are having a lot of difficulty with your natural hair), these posts are a great place to start.

Creating a Natural Hair Regimen
Creating a Regimen: The regimen says it all. A good regimen is the difference between healthy hair, and damaged hair. While there will always be similarities in everyone's regimen, you have to personalize it so that it works best for you. If you aren't sure what a regimen consists of, start with this post.

FroBunni | Essential Products and Tools
Essential Products and Tools: There are some things you will need to go natural: a cleansing agent, conditioner, hair ties, bobby pins. This list isn't that long, but it's a good start for someone just starting out.

FroBunni | Keeping Hair Moisturized
Keeping Hair Moisturized: Keeping natural hair from getting dry and staying moisturized is one of the most common problems I see. It can take awhile to figure exactly what you can do to keep your hair moisturized, but start with the tips in this post.

How to Properly Detangle: If you're hair is short, this post won't be beneficial for you til later, but if you're detangling and getting a lot of breakage, this post will help.

FroBunni | Long Natural Hair
Tips for Growing Long Hair: One of my more popular posts, here are 9 tips for growing long, natural hair. If you've read through all the previous posts, you will see repeat information, but that's because things like daily moisturizing and sealing have been a huge success in my regimen.

Of course, there is a lot of great information on natural hair on my blog, so peruse the site in general, but if you still have any questions, you can always email me at frobunni[at], or send me a message on one of my social networks below. Hope this helps!

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