The Effects of Long-Term Baking Soda Use on my Hair

in , by FroBunni, Wednesday, December 23, 2015
FroBunni | Baking soda vs shampoo on natural hair

I was looking through old photos last night and noticed a stark difference in my hair this time last year compared to now. Last year, my hair looked really damaged, dry, and my ends looked rough. Of course, at the time, I thought my hair was doing fine and you couldn't tell me nothing. Fast forward to a picture I took a few days ago, and my hair looks much smoother, shiner, healthier, and not to mention, significantly fuller. Of course, my hair is a little longer, which is to be expected. But there's a huge different in my hair's health.

So what's the difference? It's that I finished my stint with baking soda. Remember last year, where I was doting on baking soda and how it's this awesome, great cleanser that's gentle on hair...yeah. At the end of last year, I picked up on how my hair wasn't exactly doing well, and decided to nix the baking soda and move to shampoo (of course, there was the short lived cowash and saponin era, but that didn't last long). The end the result. Well, you can see the difference.

So what's the takeaway here? Of course, listen to my hair. I wasn't doing that. I was ignoring how my hair looked and felt because I was determined to make baking soda work.  The other takeaway? Natural isn't always better. Yeah, baking soda is natural, but should it be regularly used on hair? For me, it's a no. Baking soda is very abrasive and extremely alkaline, two bad combos for hair (think of it like taking a pumice stone and cuticle remover to your hair...not good). While shampoo gets a bad name, they aren't necessarily bad. Of course, you have to find one that works well with your hair, and make sure you use it as directed (no need to wash hair with shampoo daily if you have dry hair).

Taking care of your hair takes dedication and time. While it took me awhile to stop using baking soda, I made a better choice in the end. Make sure you listen to your hair and try different products. You may be surprised at works and what doesn't.

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