Review on ColourPop's StingRAYE for Dark Skin

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Colourpop's stingRAYE on dark skin women

For the past year, I have been watching Raye Raye on YouTube. She's one of the very few YouTubers that I regularly watch (FusionOfCultures is the other), so of course, I jumped at the chance to get stingRAYE, a lip color she created with ColourPop. I got the lipstick last week, and I have to admit, I'm not feeling it. I've looked at the pictures all weekend and with each glance, I like it a little bit less.

Having heard the very depressing phrase "dark skin women can't wear bright lipstick" growing up, I've always been one determined to break down that stereotype. I knew that dark skin women can wear a myriad of light and bright lipstick colors. Within the past couple of years, as my love for makeup began to grow, I found this more and more true, but also learned that a lip color has to match the right undertone and complexion. This began my journey for finding the perfect nude lipstick for dark skin.

So far, I have found 6 different nude lipsticks for darker complexions, and was hoping to add stingRAYE to the mix, but I'm bummed to find out that it just doesn't look good on me. This of course doesn't change my opinion of Raye Raye or ColourPop, and I will continue to support them. It just means that it's not the right color for me.

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