The Benefits of Slippery Elm and Marshmallow Root

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The Benefits of Slippery Elm and Marshmallow Root

If you're like me, you pay attention to ingredients in your hair products. You know which ones work and which ones to avoid. Recently, I've been removing Kinky Curly from my regimen (long story short, I've been noticing that they overemphasis curls, as opposed to healthy hair, and it just doesn't vibe well with my views of natural hair), but since I do love their ingredients, I want to find other products that contain them. Particularly, slippery elm and marshmallow root.

Slippery elm comes from a species of elm tree in North America and Canada. It has been used for medicinal purposes, particular for healing wounds, and is very mucilaginous in natural (meaning that it produces a thick, gooey substance). Marshmallow root is a perennial root originally found in Europe and Western Asia. It was also used for medicinal purposes, mostly gastrointestinal. It is also a mucilage, and contains amino acids and antioxidants.

Because both are mucilages, they provide a great deal of slip which works miracles on even the most stubborn and difficult of knots and tangles. They're also extremely moisturizing, and can be used as a leave-in or added to conditioners and shampoo. They also can be applied to the scalp to relieve dry, itchy, scaly skin and even heals dandruff.

Easy, Moisturizing, Detangling Leave-In: Boil 2 tablespoons of marshmallow root in a cup of water. Strain to remove any pieces of marshmallow root. Add 1 tablespoon of slippery elm powder to the hot water to dissolve. Cool in fridge, then mix 1/2 of the mixture with 1/2 cup of aloe vera juice. Keep in fridge to preserve. Can be applied to hair and scalp. Freeze the other 1/2 of the mixture to preserve, thaw before using.

***Avoid Slippery elm if you are pregnant***

If you're not in to DIY, both Kinky Curly and NaturelleGrow have products that contain both slippery elm and marshmallow root.

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5 Natural Hair Products I Want to Try This Year

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I'm not really a product junkie, so it's very difficult for me to break out of my regular product use.  But every once in awhile, a product catches my eye, and these five fall in that category.

Original Moxie Hold Up

Original Moxie Hold Up: I've been eyeing Original Moxie products for awhile, their products have great ingredients, and I love that they respond to reviews with tips on how to make a product work better. Hold Up caught my eye because it was a gel that didn't have humectants, which makes it perfect to hold hairstyles during the summer (the summer is the bane of my hair). The only reason I've stayed clear is their price, they're expensive. But lucky for me (and you) they offer trial sizes.

SheaMoisture Professional Smooth Thermal Protection

SheaMoisture Professional Smooth Thermal Protection: While I'm not a die hard SheaMoisture fan, I was thrilled to see they came out with a professional line and an official heat protectant as well. I want to incorporate this into my blowout regimen to see how it fares. Hopefully, I will only have great results.

Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea Cleansing CoWash
Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea Cleansing CoWash: If you've pursued my blog over the last six months or are familiar with my regimen, you know that I love cowashes and cleansing conditioners. I've only heard great reviews about Eden BodyWorks, so I want to see what the hype is about and try their cowash.

Giovanni Cosmetics 2chic Repairing Line
Giovanni's Secret Product: What's a product list without Giovanni? The other day, they had a Facebook post about adding another product to their 2chic Repairing line. It doesn't take much for me to buy their products (like literally, all I have to do is walk in Ulta or Whole Foods), so I will be getting this. It just depends on when they will release it.

NaturelleGlow Ginger Peach Herbal Leave-In Conditioning Spray for Hair Growth

NaturelleGlow Ginger Peach Herbal Leave-In Conditioning Spray for Hair Growth: Want a great moisturizer, incorporate slippery elm and marshmallow root in your regimen. I was looking for products with slippery elm and marshmallow root since I've been removing Kinky Curly out of my regimen, and this was the first one that popped up in a Google search. With lots of great reviews, I'm excited to try this, and I'm almost sure that it will work great.

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9 Ways to Use Aloe Vera Juice and Gel

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Aloe vera gel and juice has many benefits for hair and skin including growing long hair, moisturizing skin, and just being a tasty drink!

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5 Oil Blends for Super Soft and Shiny Hair

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5 Oil Blends for Super Soft and Shiny Hair

From the very beginning of my natural hair journey, I always made oil blends. I first started with a neem and olive oil mix...and if you know anything about neem oil, it smells bad. It didn't take long before I nixed it from my regimen, but ever since then, I've been mixing oils to make a perfect blend. An oil mix should have two components; a penetrating oil and a non-penetrating oil. There's only three penetrating oils - olive, avocado, and coconut oil. They help to condition hair from the inside out. Non-petrating oils aren't useless though, they help to impart shine, soften hair, and condition from the outside. They're also great for adding slip to make detangling easier and to prevent hairs from tangling together. Oil mixes are great for making hair healthy, shiny, soft, and for retaining length.

Coconut and Grapeseed Oil: FroBunni's Favorite - My go to oil blend is coconut and grape seed oil. Coconut oil penetrates the hair shaft conditioning hair and aiding in hair elasticity. It also helps to prevent hygral fatigue, or the constant excessive swelling and contracting of hair when it goes from wet to dry. The grape seed oil helps to condition hair, increase shine, gives hair slip. Grape seed oil has one of the highest omega-6 content, and its antioxidants help prevent aging in hair (and skin).

Argan and Avocado Oil: Luxurious Shine - Lighter than olive oil and with more omega fatty acids than coconut, avocado oil is a great oil to incorporate into a regimen. It has conditioning properties and also a bit of slip. Like coconut and olive oil, it is also able to penetrate the hair shaft. Argan feels like liquid velvet. It's emollient properties soften hair and it adds a lot of slip. This oil is perfect for refreshing a blow out or flat ironed hair style.

Olive, Coconut, and Avocado Oil: The Holy Trinity - What's better than three penetrating oils? Not much. Chocked fill of omega-3's, omega-6's, and antioxidants,  these three oils can make hair softer and shinier. Because all three can penetrate hair, conditioning and acting as an emollient, this mix is great for those who want to revitalize and get second day hair without having to use water.

Canola and Olive Oil: Budget-Friendly Multi-tasker - Canola is a pretty inexpensive oil that can be picked up at many different places, including the corner store or gas station. It has one of the highest amount of omega-3's of any oil, and due to its antioxidant content, also helps to prevent aging in hair. Of the three penetrating oils, olive oil is the cheapest and easiest to find. It will penetrate the hair shaft conditioning hair from the inside.

Rice Bran, Walnut, and Avocado Oil: The Unusual Combination - Rice bran and walnut oil are uncommon in oil mixes, but they're great to have. Rice bran oil has a high content of vitamin E, which helps to soften hair and is an antioxidant that helps prevent aging. Unlike other oils, walnut oil has a high mix of poly- and monounsaturated fatty acids. And the avocado oil helps to penetrate the hair conditioning the from the inside.

A note about oils, they don't moisturize hair, even the ones that penetrate the hair shaft. So make sure you're using them to seal moisture in the hair. 

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Growing Long Natural Hair

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How to grow long natural hair | FroBunni

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