5 Oil Blends for Super Soft and Shiny Hair

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5 Oil Blends for Super Soft and Shiny Hair

From the very beginning of my natural hair journey, I always made oil blends. I first started with a neem and olive oil mix...and if you know anything about neem oil, it smells bad. It didn't take long before I nixed it from my regimen, but ever since then, I've been mixing oils to make a perfect blend. An oil mix should have two components; a penetrating oil and a non-penetrating oil. There's only three penetrating oils - olive, avocado, and coconut oil. They help to condition hair from the inside out. Non-petrating oils aren't useless though, they help to impart shine, soften hair, and condition from the outside. They're also great for adding slip to make detangling easier and to prevent hairs from tangling together. Oil mixes are great for making hair healthy, shiny, soft, and for retaining length.

Coconut and Grapeseed Oil: FroBunni's Favorite - My go to oil blend is coconut and grape seed oil. Coconut oil penetrates the hair shaft conditioning hair and aiding in hair elasticity. It also helps to prevent hygral fatigue, or the constant excessive swelling and contracting of hair when it goes from wet to dry. The grape seed oil helps to condition hair, increase shine, gives hair slip. Grape seed oil has one of the highest omega-6 content, and its antioxidants help prevent aging in hair (and skin).

Argan and Avocado Oil: Luxurious Shine - Lighter than olive oil and with more omega fatty acids than coconut, avocado oil is a great oil to incorporate into a regimen. It has conditioning properties and also a bit of slip. Like coconut and olive oil, it is also able to penetrate the hair shaft. Argan feels like liquid velvet. It's emollient properties soften hair and it adds a lot of slip. This oil is perfect for refreshing a blow out or flat ironed hair style.

Olive, Coconut, and Avocado Oil: The Holy Trinity - What's better than three penetrating oils? Not much. Chocked fill of omega-3's, omega-6's, and antioxidants,  these three oils can make hair softer and shinier. Because all three can penetrate hair, conditioning and acting as an emollient, this mix is great for those who want to revitalize and get second day hair without having to use water.

Canola and Olive Oil: Budget-Friendly Multi-tasker - Canola is a pretty inexpensive oil that can be picked up at many different places, including the corner store or gas station. It has one of the highest amount of omega-3's of any oil, and due to its antioxidant content, also helps to prevent aging in hair. Of the three penetrating oils, olive oil is the cheapest and easiest to find. It will penetrate the hair shaft conditioning hair from the inside.

Rice Bran, Walnut, and Avocado Oil: The Unusual Combination - Rice bran and walnut oil are uncommon in oil mixes, but they're great to have. Rice bran oil has a high content of vitamin E, which helps to soften hair and is an antioxidant that helps prevent aging. Unlike other oils, walnut oil has a high mix of poly- and monounsaturated fatty acids. And the avocado oil helps to penetrate the hair conditioning the from the inside.

A note about oils, they don't moisturize hair, even the ones that penetrate the hair shaft. So make sure you're using them to seal moisture in the hair. 

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