My Fitness Assessment | Fitness Goals and Weaknesses

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Fitness assessment at LA Fitness | FroBunni

A few weeks ago, I went to get a physical assessment from LA Fitness. I have always wanted to do physical fitness assessment to find a baseline for my strength and cardio. The entire assessment took about an hour, with a fitness portion followed by setting up some goals.

Fitness assessment at LA Fitness | FroBunni

The fitness portion of the assessment took maybe thirty minutes, and I had to do as many reps as possible in a minute, like squats, or until exhaustion, like sit-ups. As you can see, I did really poorly on the push-ups. This may explain my inability to do a handstand. I've known that I have really poor upper body strength for awhile now, and it is something I would like to overcome. On the other hand, I did really well on the sit-ups. In fact, I didn't even do those until exhaustion, but the personal trainer realized that I could've kept going and stopped at 60.

The next thing we did was establish some goals, specifically, the amount of body fat I wanted to lose and muscle I wanted to gain. I would say this part was very eye opening. My goal has always been to tighten up, specifically my mid section area. I know that muscle has less volume than fat, so even though I would be gaining weight, the fact that it would be muscle would make me look thinner than I already am.

Fitness assessment at LA Fitness | FroBunni

I aimed to put on ten pounds of muscle, which would take almost a year (yeah, I know that's crazy) and would require me to eat 2300 calories a day. Most days, I average close to 1500. (This isn't a conscious effort, it's just how much I end up eating for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for when I'm hungry.)

After the assessment was over, the personal trainer did the whole marketing pitch to get me on a training program. To be honest, I really wanted to join, but right now, I don't really have the money. So I will probably have to wait. Until then, I plan to get on my own plan using the information I was given.

The personal trainer said that it will be easy to lose the fat (as you can see, it's only two pounds). So instead of focusing on cardio, I will focus on strength training. But because cardio is important, I will throw some cardio in my mostly weight-based workouts. Lucky, I have a few workouts that can give me a great start.

I will be tracking my progress, and sharing my tips, so check back to see how I'm doing!

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