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This weekend, I went to the Mosaic District to just stroll around. If you live in the DC area and haven't been there, I totally recommend it. It's cute, quaint and the shops and restaurants are really great. It charms you into thinking you aren't near the otherwise desolate Dunn Loring metro station. 

The Mosaic District has a MOM's Organic Market, and I stopped in there real quick to pick up some Giovanni Direct Leave-In since I'm almost out. Now, if you know me, you know I can't just go into MOM's, grab what I need, and come out 2 minutes later. Oh no, I have to lollygag around, look at the different oils, see if they have any ALO Drink (they didn't), and just waste 30 minutes in there because it's that awesome. This lollygag session turned out to be quite productive; I finally got my hands on Giovanni's new hot oil treatment (review coming soon) and some Primal Pit Paste.

So before I give this review, let me back up a bit. A couple of months ago, I was running out of deodorant. I normally get Dove Solid Deodorant for Sensitive Skin, but there was none at the store, so I got Dove Go Fresh Revive since I liked the scent. A couple of weeks later, my underarms were itching like crazy. I've used Dove with no problems since I was a teen, so I didn't immediately think it could be the deodorant and kept using it. Fast forward to last week, and through some random epiphany, I realized that the fragrance used was causing my skin to react and become irritated. I planned to get the Dove sensitive skin deodorant during my weekly grocery trip, but having gone into MOM's first, I couldn't help but pick up the Primal Pit Paste...despite my bad experiences with natural deodorants. 

Now, if you've been following my blog for awhile, you've probably realized that I've never done a bad review. While suspect, it's not really. I just don't like to make a habit of talking poorly about a product or company. But, and I won't name names, natural deodorants have really let me down...more liked let me smell badly. So I'm always really wary of trying them, but what caught my eye with Primal Pit Paste was that it's a cream that I apply with my hands, instead of a stick...and that's it. Seriously, that's the only reason why I got it. I got this stuff on a whim, I was in MOM's, and that's what always happens, lol.

But even though this was an impromptu buy, this stuff is amazing! All you do is take a pea size and apply it to both underarms, and you go on your way. It's not really anymore intrusive than using stick, and because a little goes a long way, I know it's going to take awhile for me to use all of it. Also, and more importantly, this stuff works. I literally do not smell at all. No funky smell, no musty smell, not even a faint smell. It has eradicated odor, and I mean "I came back from the gym sweaty, and I still didn't stink" eradicated. And finally, and most importantly, I don't itch anymore, which is awesome.  

So all in all, I totally recommend Primal Pit Paste. Perfect for those with sensitive skin, and even those without sensitive skin.

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27 Questions Black People Have for Black People | FroBunni

Last night Buzzfeed asked 27 Questions Self-Hating Black People Have for Black People. I want to take time out of my day and listening to Rihanna’s Needed Me to answer some of those ridiculous great questions.

Why is it a problem if I like anime?
Is it? Me and most of my black friends love anime. Maybe you’re just hanging out with the wrong people.

Why are we more likely to engage in a new dance trend than engage in politics or opening a business?
Is it? Me and one of my best friends (hey, Kylie!) were double majors in political science, and I know more than a few black business owners.

How did watermelon become our thing? Like everyone should like watermelon.
I hate watermelon, I didn’t know I was obligated to like it due to the melanin in my skin.

Race aside, like some people are just terrible.
Yeah, they are. This is more like a statement…

Why do we call people the N-word but get vehemently upside when a white person uses the N-word
I stopped giving history lessons on this, here’s an article that you should read.

Why is my natural hair seen as a political statement?
I don’t know any naturals or other black women that think this…you sure this isn’t some kind of question that a white person asked but you juxtaposed onto black people.

Do you really believe that black is beautiful or is that just something you say because it sounds cool?
No, I’m gorgeous…if you don’t really feel you’re beautiful, you should probably see someone to help you find self-love.

Why do some people say you’re pretty for a dark skin girl?
Colorism history lesson…you seem to be lacking a foundation in black history, that’s a problem you should work on.

Like is there a cutoff time for this whole homophobia thing in the black community?
Is there a cutoff time for this whole homophobia thing that’s present all over the world?

Why is growing up without a father so common in our race?
Have you ever heard of the myth of the missing black father? Also, I see my dad quite regularly.

Why is being educated a white thing?
Like seriously, have you considered opening your circle of friends.

Why do I have to be mixed to have long hair?
Oh! I have an article on this! The Dark Skin, Long Hair Paradox, you should read it

Why do you think well off black  people don’t know what it means to be black?
I’m beginning to think you don’t have any black friends…

Why can’t we acknowledge that there are a bunch of different types of black people walking around and they're special in their own way?
Are you black yourself because, seriously, these questions are just really off…as if you’re asking these because some white writer told you to.

Now, to get back to Rihanna’s Needed Me, and hopefully Buzzfeed can learn a lesson from all of this.

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Body Goals in Progress: Week 1

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FroBunni | Body Goals in Progress: Week 1

Last week ended the first week of my Body Goals plan, and I must admit, I am taking it slow and steady. I skipped the cardio and weight training to just focus on yoga and stretching. I spent between ten to fifteen minutes a day stretching and doing strength based yoga poses. I really want to ease into things because I know if I go hard to fast, I am more likely to fall off early.

I only touched on it briefly, but I really want to increase my flexibility and body strength; my new year's resolutions include doing a split and a handstand. To be successful in this goal, I have been focusing on a few poses and holding them for at least 30 seconds. Starting with the basics, this week, I did standing forward bend, bridge, pigeon, and a split. I bought some yoga blocks to help deepen my stretch for bridge pose, and for support for split pose. I've noticed a huge difference in my flexibility doing this method, compared to the quicker, more fluid vinyasa style that I've done for the past year or two.

What's interesting about doing yoga this way is that it reminds me of when I first started yoga with Patrica Walden's Yoga for Beginners. Another great beginner yoga DVD, Walden really focuses on the foundation of yoga, building flexibility and strength by holding poses longer. I've noticed, since being on Instagram, that while my passion for yoga is back by watching other yogis, it has caused me to adopt a style of yoga that really didn't help me grow. So, I'm really happy to see more progress in the last week, than I have in the passed six months, just by going back to my yogi foundation.

MyFitnessPal Body Goals | Week 1

Since I took it slow, I really focused on my diet. While I wasn't perfect at getting that 40/30/20 protein to carbs to fat ratio, I was successful at eating tons of fruits and veggies, keeping the added sugar to a minimum, and eating protein at every meal.

This week, I will be focusing on adding that cardio and weight training into my workouts, along with the yoga. While it will be slower to see my goals, as they say, slow and steady wins the race.

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FroBunni | Why I'm Upset About Google's "Unprofessional Hairstyles" Search (and it's not for the reason you think)

It's a well known fact that I love Google. Almost everything you need is at your fingertips. Want to bake a cake? Google has thousands of recipes just for that. Looking for apartments? Yeah, Google can help with that. Want to send your racist friend articles about how they're privilege? Sure, Google can help you there too. And while Google is useful in sending your racist friend articles, it also reveals just how racist, and sexist, society really is. From search results comparing the phrases "three black kids" to "three white kids," the very solemn suggested results from searching "women are...", and seeing mostly white, blonde women in a Google search with the keywords "beautiful women," Google mirrors the sentiments of our problematic society. But the most recent controversy, the image results of "unprofessional hairstyles" is NOT in the same category.

Surprised at my position? Let me explain. Google is a search engine; it's designed to crawl websites, metadata, and hyperlinks for keywords. Then, when someone searches for something using those keywords, it gives you all of the websites that contain those words, with the most relevant and popular results first. For example, type in "natural hair" in Google, and you'll get thousands of results from natural hair blogs, to images and infographics, videos, and even tweets. So when you search for "unprofessional hairstyles," you are getting results from websites that are using the words "unprofessional hairstyles," and more specifically answering the question "are natural hairstyles unprofessional?"

The unfortunate reality is that many naturals, or women who are thinking about going natural, do think their hair is unprofessional. They have reservations and are apprehensive about wearing their natural hair to work because they have been conditioned to think that natural hair isn't professional. And no, not just by white society, but by family, friends, acquaintances, and significant others.

When I first went natural, I was entering my senior year of college. I was worried that my natural hair would bar me from a campus job, as my potential employers would think it unprofessional, and even strange, that a woman was wearing her hair in a low cut. It didn't really help that a couple of my family members were cosigning my concerns and telling me that I needed to "figure out" what to do with my hair. Luckily for me, this wasn't the case, and I got a job a couple of weeks into the semester. I have been wearing my natural hair for almost eight years now, and have yet to have an issue about it with an employer...but I know that my experience isn't applicable for every natural out there. I receive emails and messages from women asking me what's an "appropriate" natural hairstyle to wear to work, or if I think that their natural hair will somehow prevent them from moving up in the workplace.

So, to me, it's no surprise that naturals are going to Google to ask the same questions that I am receiving. The images shown are attached to articles that are telling women that their natural hair IS professional. Those images go to sites such as CurlyNikki, NaturallyCurly, and TheRoot just to name a few. Unlike the many other Google image searches that reveal societies problems, in this instance, you cannot separate the images from the articles. Those articles instill confidence in those who are still concerned and anxious about their first day at work after their big chop. They are empowering to those whose hair was just mocked by a coworker. And they tell HR managers everywhere that forcing black women to conform to straighter hairstyles is both racist and illegal.

I'm going to be honest; the natural hair community isn't always roses, sunshine, and cuddles. There are a lot of women that feel that their hair isn't enough; that it should be softer, silkier, and more curly and less kinky. There are many women claiming that their hair is hard or difficult to manage. And even worse, some women saying that their hair is ugly or nasty. While I have come along way in my journey, and I love all of my natural kinks and curls, to presume that others are the same is both illogical and insensitive, and doesn't do anything to instill black women with self love and acceptance. People may not like that these images are attached to "unprofessional hairstyles," but it just proves that there's still a lot of work that needs to be done in the natural hair community.

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Finally a Foundation that Fits Me!

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FroBunni | Foundation for dark skin, tarte cosmetics

As a dark skin black woman, it can be really difficult finding a foundation that fits my complexion. Most drugstore brand foundations don't even have colors that are dark enough for me; they're almost always too light. To give you a good example of this, even with the addition of darker colors in both Maybelline Fit Me and L'Oreal True Match, I still couldn't find an appropriate match to fit my complexion.

I've even tried brands specifically for women of color, such as Black Opal and Black Radiance, and I was still unable to find the right foundation for me. But this time, while there were darker colors, they had red undertones, which would often exacerbate the red in my own skin.

Eventually, I decided to try the high end brands hoping that they would have a more diverse range of colors. So one day after work, I went to Sephora hoping to finally find a foundation for me.

This was my first time in Sephora, so I definitely walked around awhile trying to gather my bearings. I was hoping that a Sephora MUA would help me, but unfortunately they were too busy. So I walked around the store trying on swatches. Most weren't able to fit my criteria for whatever reason - too cakey, too light, too dark, too red, too yellow.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage in Rich Honey

I was about to leave feeling defeated when I saw Tarte Cosmetics. I have the Amazonian Clay Waterpoof 12-Hour Concealer in Rich Honey, and I really like it. It's perfect for hiding my under eye circles, as well as using as a very subtle highlight. So I figured I would swatch the Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation. I first tried deep honey, which was slightly too light. Then I tried rich honey...and what do you know! It was the perfect match. Just too be sure, I walked around the store for another 30 minutes to see if the foundation would oxidize and change the color a little bit. And to my luck, no oxidation.

FroBunni | Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage in Rich Honey perfect foundation for dark skin

What makes this foundation so great is that it has peach undertones as opposed to just red or yellow. While I do have red undertones, red undertones in foundation often make me too red, while yellow makes me look ashy. So a peach undertone, a combination of both red and yellow, is perfect.

Needless to say, I am very happy this search has come to a close. Looking for a foundation can be pretty stressful. And shout out to Tarte for having the perfect foundation for me!

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9 Beauty Uses for Honey

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9 Beauty Uses for Honey | FroBunni

Honey isn't just for tea, it has other uses too! While this list isn't exhaustive, I have used honey for many purposes outside of the kitchen. It's great for moisturizing and repairing damage to hair, lightening dark marks and acne scars on the face, and even as a primer before makeup application.

Do you also use honey in your beauty regimen?

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Body Goals | My Fitness and Healthy Eating Plan

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FroBunni | Body Goals in Progress

A new month is upon us, and I'm getting back into the swing of things. I discussed my fitness assessment at LA a Fitness on Tuesday, and its motivated me to really focus on some body goals. While I'm already pretty small, I want to focus on adding more muscle to tone up.

Using the advice I received at LA Fitness, I will incorporate more weight lifting. This means that I will put that gym membership to good use and start squatting with 40-60 pound free weights. I also plan to incorporate more cardio/ weight workouts (think Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred, Zuzka's ZCUT Power Strength Series,* Jari Love's Get Extremely RIPPED! 1000 Hardcore, and Jackie Warner's Personal Training With Jackie: Xtreme Timesaver Training). I really do love HIT and tabata workouts, they keep me engaged, so I will keep doing them. I will just minimize them to twice a week, instead of all the time. Because my upper body strength is really poor, I will start doing 10 push-ups a day. That's about all I can do, but each week, I will add 10 more. Lastly, 10 minutes of yoga every day to stay limber and reduce stress.

To build muscle, I need to eat more calories. Like I said in my fitness assessment, I rarely go over 1500 calories a day (again, this isn't intentional, just what happens). I am going to increase my caloric intake by eating more fruits and vegetables. I will have some, at least, at every meal, and during lunch and dinner, have two servings of vegetables. I snack on fruit a lot, but often forget vegetables, so I will focus on increasing those. Increasing muscle also requires more protein, this means adding some to every meal, including snacks. I eat a lot of yogurt and carry around tuna or salmon, so this won't be that hard. I also plan to drink more water. I have a hard time doing this, so I need to work on it to stay hydrated. I can go a little crazy on the sweets, and I already know that removing sweets entirely sets me up for a binge. Instead, I will limit a serving of something sweet up to three times a week. Most of the time, this will mean a latte or white hot chocolate at Starbucks, but if I go to a party or out to dinner, it allows me a little splurge.

Eating Plan
  • 20/30/40 - Diet consists of 20% fat, 30% carbs, and 40% protein
  • Consume fruits, vegetables, and protein at every meal
  • For lunch and dinner, have two servings of vegetables
  • Drink 64 oz of water a day
  • Limit treats to 3 times a week
Fitness Plan
  • 30 minutes of exercise, 6 days a week
  • 30 minutes of high intensity cardio, 2 times a week
  • 30 minutes of intense weight lifting, 2 times a week for legs and butt
  • 10 days push-ups every day (to start)
  • 10 minutes of yoga, daily
So, there it is. It's not that hard. I will take a before pic to set up a baseline, and post every week to track progress.

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*Zuzka no longer puts out workout DVDs, so the ZCUT series is a lot more expensive than what I paid for when it first came out.